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Do or Drink


Do or drink was an adult-themed board game that needed help migrating their business from Amazon to Shopify. They had little experience with running ads through Facebook’s platform but had found success with influencer ads. Our task was to optimize their Facebook ads campaigns to convert through their Shopify store. With a strong product and brand, we knew Do or Drink had the potential for rapid growth.


With such a strong product and brand, we were confident that the Snow Agency would be able to provide the growth their brand sought. While the brand had been converting well on Amazon, the Shopify store had not been built for direct traffic.

Our first step was to create landing pages that would drive conversions on paid ads. This was an inexpensive option that allowed us to actively split-test variations to improve CRO.

Next, we crafted a detailed targeting plan with relevant creatives to maximize spend efficiency. Due to the nature of the game, it was challenging to find the right blend of UGC that displayed the game’s value, without violating facebook’s guidelines.

Through our consistent and measured approach to testing, we were able to find a winning combination. Finally, we increased average order value with strategic offers and bundles, while maintaining our high standard of conversion rates.

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Our Process
Website Optimization

The first step to building their Shopify data was to create landing pages designed for each channel they ran traffic through. This method allowed us to make tweaks to the pages and steadily improve the overall conversion rate. These landing pages were meticulously crafted and specialized with our target persona in mind, providing prospective customers with social proof and relevant testimonials to convince the consumer to purchase Do or Drink over their many competitors. The other major benefit was that each change we made resulted in no extra up-front investment, allowing us to improve results in a quick, cost-effective manner. Although we focused on Shopify sales, Amazon revenue continued to increase because of the greater overall engagement.

Content Development

Knowing that our target customer persona was mostly young adults between the ages of  21 and 34, we created content that would resonate best with this demographic. We sourced User Generated Content from real customers to develop our portfolio of ads. This tactic gave us the benefit of remaining native to the platforms we target, and also helped build social proof for prospective customers. With a mixture of testimonials, product review pictures, mash-ups, influencer videos, and targeted carousels, we were able to deliver relatable and engaging content that also converted.

Detailed Targeting

Before signing on with the Snow Agency, Do or Drink did not have the infrastructure in place to handle paid traffic. Their campaigns had been directed to Amazon, which limited the amount of customer data that they could access. Amazon also proved to have unreliable attribution measurement, making it difficult to properly interpret campaign results. Through our refined testing best practices, we were able to develop the ideal offer for our customer persona, allowing us to scale to six figures in monthly revenue.

Average Order Value

After we were able to perfect our targeting, we knew we could boost revenue even further with improvements to the AOV. By using strategic upsells and bundling, we were able to boost AOV by 60% in our first three months of ad management. The boost in AOV and a stable CAC improved ROA outside of the ads platform and helped us unlock the brand’s full potential.

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