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blvck paris

The Brand:

Founded in 2017, BLVCK Paris built a $1M annual revenue business and over 700k social media followers by 2019 with its all-black product line and signature luxury branding approach. BLVCK Paris became known internationally, drawing sales from across the globe and cultivating a massive following in the Middle East.


BLVCK Paris wanted to turn its status as a cultural phenomenon into an even bigger ecommerce success and go from $1M annually to $5M within a year. To do this, they’d need to improve fulfillment capabilities outside the US. They also ran into a $50K/month revenue ceiling from website purchasing and knew that breaking through it was key to scaling the brand.


With a highly-recognizable brand and bespoke content from their brand owner and designer, we addressed three areas to drive growth:  fulfillment, media-buying, and website optimization. We sought the fastest way to scale worldwide while maintaining a relatively high return on ad spend through optimization.

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The Process


We connected the brand with our partners at Cargo Cove and opened up the rest of the world for deliveries, including the Middle East where they have a huge organic following. We also used our team’s experience with worldwide mobile app user acquisition to push new digital products for amateur photographers, thus enabling an immediate expansion from the US only to worldwide in preparation for the upcoming launch of the new fulfillment centers.

Website Optimization

The first step to improving the brand had to be website renovation. Analyzing the products bought by each customer persona, we adjusted the collection and product pages to adhere both to conversion rate optimization best practices and the needs of their customers. Making reviews prominent and removing most sold out products reduced user friction and improved the user experience. We also consulted on creative assets for the brand (like unboxing videos) that provided social proof and helped raise clickthrough rate and conversion rate on ad paid traffic. Updating BLVCK Paris’ website with CRO best practices and user experience touches specific to their user’s needs boosted the site’s conversion rate from 0.63% in Q2 to 1.57% in Q4, even with a 360% increase in website traffic*.

*from 364,827 in Q2 to 1,684,119 in Q4 2020.

Business Analysis

Initially, BLVCK Paris had estimated that they’d need a 2.0x ROAS across the account to break even and a 2.5x ROAS to scale. By introducing exclusive digital products, we showed the brand that they could go as low as 1.3x ROAS and still generate enough revenue on day one. We also revised their breakeven ROAS by 40% to better account for returning apparel customers. This significant shift in revenue goals allowed us to bid higher and significantly improve the brand’s reach which further increased their revenue. 

We also looked at the top-selling products and convinced the brand to order 50 times as many units of their leading product, the BLVCK notebook – selling it out with every restock based on the unboxing video that was made by our instructions. 

Optimized Media Buying

BLVCK Paris previously ran their own ads, with several highly-specific audiences at low spend and high ROAS. whenever they tried to scale up, ROAS would drop well below their breakeven point. 

To resolve that, we first analyzed all existing Facebook pixel events by all possible data breakdowns and learned everything we can about the audience. For instance, gender and age, or product ID. We’ve noticed that the data is skewed by assumptions, so we ran our own campaigns for 2 weeks, to generate pure data. Our initial ROAS barely broke even, but once we ran the numbers, we were able to buy the right combination of placements, demographics, and interests that was both effective and at a lower CPM (the broadest audiences that served our needs). 

In addition to cold audiences, we used several lookalike seeds from relevant custom audiences in onion-like formation (excluding audiences from each other in a form of concentric rings to expand audiences with minimal overlap) to allow for scaling in multiple directions at a time: accessories, apparel, technological items, etc. 

By Q4 we scaled the account from under $500 a day to as high as $8,000 in a day in weeks of sales while keeping ROAS above the break-even point – generating $300K, $400K, and nearly $500K a month on Shopify alone.


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“We started working with the Snow Agency in July 2020 for our Facebook/IG ads and have seen great growth and results so far and have been constantly scaling since. We have also improved a lot of areas on our website following their advice and seeing a better conversion as a result.”

Steffi Ohayon
Head of Growth

After 12 Months of Working with The Snow Agency


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