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CROSSNET was an outdoor game that wanted to maintain brand growth in the off-season. They needed help figuring out a solution to driving purchases and website visitors consistently and profitably. They also needed help increasing optimizing their website in order to increase conversion rate and average order value.


CROSSNET was experiencing a 69% decrease in website visitors and a 76% decrease in total sales in the two months prior to joining The Snow Agency, so we needed to figure out a way to increase traffic, at a profitable margin. With a small amount of initial data to build off of, the first month of service consisted of trying to overcome the challenge of testing with a limited budget. Once enough data was collected to fully flush out a customer profile, we began targeting the brand’s most profitable demographic with specialized creatives.

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Our Process

Develop the Ideal Customer Profile

Prior marketing efforts for CROSSNET were unsuccessful at flushing out an optimal customer persona, instead focusing on a mass appeal approach. After studying the data that we had compiled, it was clear that women 35+ were the ideal target demographic, so our efforts shifted to hone in on this market. This allowed us to bypass many of the limitations that a tight budget pose, making spend more efficient. Given the nature of the product, it was fair to assume that these 35+ year old women were mothers, aunts, or something similar purchasing the game for children to play. Based on this assumption, we repurposed struggling creatives to appeal towards our target demographic and after initial tests proved our assumption to be correct, we were able to scale quickly.

Creative Content Development

We were able to take existing videos that were yielding diminishing results for the brand and repackage them towards our ideal customer. Using a scientific based approach, we were able to create a new selling point for the game. The angle we chose, pulled a quote from a study conducted by the BBC, highlighting the alarming amount of screentime the average child experiences daily. This created a problem/solution ad approach that has been resonating well with CROSSNET’s core consumer. We also noticed that CROSSNET’s previous videos only focused on the game being played on the beach, so our agency was able to provide an in-house produced video promoting playability in the average backyard, broadening appeal for the game.

Increase Website User Experience

CROSSNET leaned on our expertise in website optimization to fix major issues that they had been having with conversion rate (CR) and average order value (AOV). Our tips for optimization, combined with our efforts to serve to a higher intent customer, resulted in a 392% increase in conversion rate for the brand. (Did total orders/website visitors and compared to two months prior to us taking over). (can’t really accurately calculate increase in AOV because of their draft orders skewing the numbers). Using trusted agency partners, we were able to provide services that increased AOV considerably, building custom funnels that provided customers with post-purchase upsells.

Increase Website Traffic Efficiently

CROSSNET was experiencing a staggering decrease in website traffic before hiring The Snow Agency, losing tens of thousands of visitors monthly. This was a glaring issue that we needed to tackle, but we needed to get the right traffic. Using our expertise in ad placement, we were able to achieve a 110% increase in website traffic over the first 60 days of service. Given that the first 30 days concede a lot to testing, the latter 30 days of service reveal a 362% increase in website traffic, as the effectiveness of our placement improved.

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After 60 Days of Working with The Snow Agency


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Increase in Facebook Revenue
"With CROSSNET, we wanted to take our FB ads to the next level and scale. With strategic planning and ad copies, The Snow Agency implemented seasonal ads for each quarter to make sure all ads were fresh. We are very glad we went with The Snow Agency before Q4 started, otherwise we would have not 10x’d our revenue."
Greg Meade
CEO, Crossnet

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