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Use Email Marketing To Increase Revenue By 25%

  • Boost returning customer rate by up to 10x
  • Convert abandoned checkouts using dynamic product images
  • Turn one-time buyers into 2-5x buyers with message personalization
  • Done-for-you service including design, copywriting & automation

Experienced With All Major Platforms & More

Our Clients Use Email Marketing To Build Relationships & Increase Sales

Without the snow agency I wouldnt be sitting on 17 million dollars

In 3 months…

  • Email revenue went from 3% to 26% of total store revenue
  • 177k in new email subscribers
  • Returning customer rate went from 18% to 34%

The Snow Agency has taken my brand to the next level! Since they are the #1 Marketing Agency they have diversified my marketing portfolio and they continue to take my brand to the next level.

Tiffany Rose

Founder/ CEO of Hollywood Hair Bair


The Snow Agency allowed me to see Bella Bee Teas full potential and helped me utilize digital marketing effectively! I was throwing away so much money before.

Brittany McDonald

Founder/ CEO of Bella Bee Tea


…It’s also exciting to see repeat customers from years ago coming back because of the emails..


(as seen on Shark Tank)

Done-For-You Email Marketing Service

Let us handle the technology and creative, so you can focus on other areas of your business.


Trigger the right emails at the right time with complex marketing automation flows.


Change the content of emails depending on who is reading them.


We’ll write email copy that will build relationships and increase sales.

Graphic Design

All emails will be designed to reflect and represent your brand.

The Snow Agency's 3-Step Email Marketing Process

Leveraging over 7 years of combined email marketing experience, our team has figured
out the hard parts of email marketing. Here’s what we’ve learned, simplified into a 3-step process.

Step 1: Automated Flows

Trigger automated flows at key moments while your customers are interacting with your brand. Here are some of the flows we set up:

(Note: Not every store will use the same flows. Some are “too much”, and some are “too little”. Our experts will determine the right flows for your customers.)

Your welcome series is used to introduce users to your brand. We let them know what’s unique about your store, and use this to set the stage for all future emails. 

By letting your customers know what’s coming in future emails, we can train them to get excited to open them. 

Welcome series flows can be long or short depending on the store.

This is high intent traffic that you don’t want to lose. To compliment retargeting efforts, abandoned Cart/Checkout emails do a great job reminding your customers to come back to complete their transaction. 

We can target existing customers who abandoned their cart, or prospective customers who started the checkout process, but didn’t finish.

When your customer makes a purchase, we leverage this excitement by sending a second personalized offer.

This can be a discount code for future purchases, limited time offer, or something more specific. We’ll run tests to determine the right offer for your flow.

Step 2: List Segmentation

 We’ll “categorize” your email subscribers based on their loyalty to your brand. This allows us to further personalize offers and improve open rates. Here are some of our segments.

Repeat customers have purchased from your store more than once. Since they like your products, we can send them special offers to keep them engaged and happy.

These are customers who have been on your website or opened recent emails, but haven’t made a purchase. We like to reach out to them to convince them to become repeat customers.

We can create segments based on people who buy specific products, or buy from categories of products. This gives us further control of which offers your customers will see when we contact them.

Winback segments consist of subscribers who haven’t engaged with your emails or website over an extended period of time.

Step 3: List Nurturing & Brand Awareness

Along with generating revenue, our goal is to keep your customers engaged and entertained. This promotes brand loyalty and builds a strong connection with your customers. Here are some of the strategies we use to accomplish this:

Introduce Customers To Your Brand & Story

Brand loyalty is built by cross-promotion. We’ll leverage email marketing to let your email subscribers know where you’re publishing content.

The best ads come from real videos of your customers. We’ll connect with your best customers to collect UGC that you can use to create ads.

Between 15-25% of your customers will Google you before purchasing your products. It’s important that online review websites are loaded with good reviews about your brand. We’ll ask your best customers to leave reviews on top websites, and directly on your website.

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