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Use TikTok Ads to drive more revenue for your brand

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Use TikTok Ads to drive more revenue for your brand

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TikTok Ads Allow Brands to Break Into Untapped Markets

After starting TikTok ads, this brand saw:

After starting TikTok ads, this brand saw a:

"Let’s be honest, there’s some serious competition right now, TikTok Ads is huge."
- Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

How We Will Scale Your TikTok:

Step 1: Take a deep dive into your demographics to pick a broad starting place.

For this client, we used google analytics to tell us that the highest converting demo was 18-24 y/o women.

Step 2: Use TikTok's For You Page to understand what's popular on the platform right now.

To run successful ads on TikTok, you’ll actually need to pay attention to what trends the users gravitate towards.

Step 3: Match your highest converting demo to a trend/hashtag that represents them.

In this case, we chose #astrology which has 22 BILLION views on TikTok and is predominantly represented by 18-24 y/o women.

Step 4: Create an offer for your brand that represents the trend.

We did this by creating a collection that sorted the client’s products by what each zodiac sign would be interested in. 

This helps establish connections with prospects, making your ads feel more targeted.

Step 5: Use your existing assets to make a TikTok that fits the trend.

TikTok’s in-app video editor is an easy way to make no-cost creatives that will convert.

This allows you to test news angles WITHOUT investing money into new creative assets.

Step 6: Use TikTok's Spark Ads to put ad spend behind your test.

Spark Ads will allow you to get the best of both worlds. Conversions and a growing TikTok profile. 


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  • 47% increase in revenue
  • 24% increase in site traffic
  • 14% increase in CR%
  • 19,000 page followers gained

How We Use Data To Help You & Your Brand

Persona Development

Using our market research processes, we’ll work to create ideal customer personas to make our campaigns more targeted.

Creative Optimization

We’ll work to ensure that our ad creatives follow best practices for TikTok’s user experience, increasing performance on the platform.

Ads Expertise

With the experience of millions of dollars in ad spend, our media buying team will help your brand get the most value for your ad spend by using the most up to date and innovative campaign strategies.

Hear Our Success Stories

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"The Snow Agency has taken my brand to the next level! Since they are the #1 Marketing Agency they have diversified my marketing portfolio and they continue to take my brand to the next level."
Founder/ CEO of Hollywood Hair Bair
"Choosing the right agency to work with is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of your company. We’ve had nothing but a positive experience working with the Snow Agency. We launched our brand with them and have been able to grow consistently month while improving our ROAS month after month. Their team is very professional and has a solution to almost every problem you will come across ranging from content creation to website optimizations.To sum things up, these guys have years of experience and are extremely proficient at what they do. We look forward to working with them for years to come."
Founder/ CEO of Simply Inked
"For me it was really important to partner with the right agency, so that our business could do well. The best thing about working with The Snow Agency is the way they create content! When we first started off we were a small business, after working with The Snow Agency we were able to 10x our adspend and grow."
Nish Samantray
CEO/Founder of Arrae

Here’s what working with our team will look like:

  • Credit Line setup
    • With our agency connections, we’ll be able to get you sorted with a credit line through TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.

  • Market Research
    • Using our agency’s market research process, we’ll cross-reference your existing customer data, with user habits on TikTok, to create an ideal go-to-market plan for our launch campaigns.

  • TikTok Branding
    • We’ll advise your brand on how to properly position your page to align with user expectations on TikTok. Or we could take over organic management fully for you!
  • Content Audit
    • We’ll audit your content and determine what’s usable for TikTok ads, what isn’t, and what other creative assets that we’ll need to have provided to us.

  • Persona Development
    • We’ll use your existing customer data to form customer personas that will make our campaigns more targeted.

  • Ads Development
    • We’ll use your existing creative assets to create advertisements that are native to the TikTok platform.
  • Launch Campaigns
    • We’ll use our best practices for campaign management to ensure that your brand receives the most impact from the ad dollars that are spent.
  • Optimize campaign performance
    • Overtime, we’ll use the data that we collect through our ads campaigns to inform the targeting of our ads.

  • Optimize creatives
    • We’ll use campaign data to inform what creatives we need to produce and what creative assets need to be sourced.

  • Advise on Client Side Responsibilities 
    • Content Sourcing
    • Website Optimization
    • Customer Retention

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