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Snapchat Media Buyer

The ability to craft marketing campaigns from inception to scale on a multi-channel facet. Must understand how to properly target the ideal customer using historical data to create a custom audience. Must understand how demographics co-mingle between products and stores to use all of the past data to successfully market a wide range of products to customers. Moreover, must be able to cultivate interest based audiences that the target customers show appeal towards. Must also be able to identify who the target customer persona is and how to build out multiple target customer personas for any given brand and/or product and how to create content that resonates with them. 

The marketer must also be able to identify data trends between products, stores, demographics and use it towards identifying future products with a higher chance of success rate. It is of utmost importance to also identify which types of content appeal towards certain demographics, as well as understanding the cohesive content structure amongst the customer acquisition journey.

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Who Is The Snow Agency?

The Snow Agency was founded by brothers Daniel and Jonathan Snow on the simple premise that we know how important every marketing dollar spent is for a small or medium-sized business. We have “been there, done that” with our own brands. What separates The Snow Agency from others is that after spending tens of millions of our own marketing dollars, prior to spending other people’s money to grow their brands, we have experienced the ins & outs of operating an online business. Not only do we provide the most cutting-edge marketing services, but we also provide insight and knowledge about every aspect of scaling a profitable business.

Performance marketing does not start and stop on the advertising end. Content, influencers, on-site optimization, search engine marketing, and branding are all integral components of growing a brand. Our customized, performance-based marketing strategies are proven to grow and stimulate businesses of all shapes, sizes, and niches.

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