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Case Studies

We pride ourselves in the personalized digital marketing services we offer our clients.

Explore some of our case studies & results below.

In 60 days, We Increased Saranghae’s Sign-Up Conversion Rates, Abandoned Cart Conversions and Revenue


increased in SMS sign up conversion


increase in abandoned cart revenue

In just ONE month, we helped YOGIBO increase revenue by over 500%. 


increase in ROAS


increase in revenue

In Five Months, We Boosted Nori’s Store Revenue By 116% And Cut CPA by 39%


increase in store revenue


decrease in CPA

In Four Months, We Boosted TWICE’s Store Revenue By 174% And Cut CPA by 36%


increase in store revenue


increase in facebook ROAS

In 30 days, We Boosted BagUps® Engagement Rates by 3,616% And CTR by 189%


increase in engagement


increase in CTR

We Boosted Ellaé Lisqué’s Opt -In Rates and Revenue in 30 Days With Fondue Cashback


increase in email sign-ups


increase in total revenue

In Just 2 Months, We Helped Klora
Increase ROAS by 150% Through Performance PR Marketing


increase in ROAS


decrease in CPA

We Helped Saranghae Cut Advertising Costs By 87% In Only 4 Months


increase in CTR’s


decrease in CPC’s

With Our Growth, Disco Raised A $5 Million Seed Funding


increase in
monthly revenue


decrease in
monthly CPC’s

Google Ads Generated Over $6 Million In Revenue In Only 2 Years


in all-time revenue


all-time average ROAS

Using Popsixle for 30 days, Klora was able to increase scale and profitability


increase in ROAS


increase in conversion rates

In just 60 days, we helped Simply Inked increase their web orders by 12,500


followers on Facebook


return on investment

We increased Crossnet’s revenue by +690% in only 60 days


increase in total ROAS


increase in conversion rates

In 6 months of working with The Snow Agency, Yelle’s monthly revenue increased +522%


increase in store sessions


increase in conversion rates

We increased Do or Drink’s revenue +$408k in only 60 days


increase in ROAS


increase in total orders

In just 60 days, we helped Hollywood Hair Bar increase total sales by 1708%


increase in total orders


increase in store sessions

After working with The Snow Agency, King Ice had a +575% Google ROAS


increase in ad spend


decrease in CPC

With new value-based optimization, we helped efficiently drive sales 




ROAS (Highest Value Bid)