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King Ice


King Ice is a popular jewelry brand that sells quality products for a great price. They’ve worked with hip hop and rap royalty like Wu-Tang Clan, Odd Future, Snoop Dogg and Chief Keef. King Ice remains the largest and most influential hip hop jewelry maker on the Web.

Despite having a strong brand and strong reach, they were struggling to acquire customers in a consistent and profitable manner on Google Search, Shopping, Display, and Youtube. King Ice hired The Snow Agency to step in and demonstrate that google ads can be a profitable traffic source for their brand. 


Since people are actively looking for this style of Jewelry, Google Ads reach customers right when they’re ready to buy.

After a discover call with King Ice and an audit of their Google Ads account, we learned quickly that the account needed to move in a different direction.

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Our Process

Keyword Research

The first step was conducting thorough keyword research to learn exactly which products we should start promoting on Google.

Since we inherited an account with plenty of historic data, we used King Ice’s existing campaigns as a starting point. 

Combining historic data, with fresh keyword research, we were able to identify several keywords with great potential. It was important to not go too narrow, or we’d limit the amount of exposure we’d get.

It was also important not to go too broad, or we’d risk targeting customers who were looking for a different style of jewelry. 

Enhanced Campaign Structure

Once we identified the right keywords to start bidding on, the next step was to structure them in a way that would give us the best results. 

Instead of having dozens of keywords in each ad group, we focused on building much smaller ad groups, with ads that were more relevant to the keywords. 

This change increased our click-through rates, lowered our cost-per-click and brought in sales at a much lower cost.

Utilizing Google Shopping

After setting up ads on the Google Search Network, our next step was Google Shopping. The Shopping network is a great source of traffic because searchers can see a picture of the item on Google before they visit your website. 

By having pictures of Grillz and other unique items on Google Search, we were able to acquire high-quality traffic, for a very low cost per click.


It’s common that visitors will click on ads, visit your website and never finish their checkout. They are still quality prospects, and it’s important to continue marketing to them to make sales. 

We grouped these customers into two “buckets”:

  • Those who started their order, and never finished.
  • Those who browsed products, but never started their order. 

By serving meaningful content at the right time to both “buckets”, we were able to leverage remarketing to increase sales.


When an ad didn’t deliver results as expected, we would look at several factors to determine why it wasn’t working. After identifying the problem, we would test multiple ads, and come up with a winning solution. 

As our ads ran, we made sure to closely monitor:

  1. They keywords we were bidding on, to ensure their performance was up to par.
  2. The actual “search queries” people were typing in Google.

As keywords delivered poor performance, we segmented them from their original campaigns and adjusted the ad copy to improve relevance, aka “Quality Score”. 

When search queries came back that were unrelated to King Ice’s products, we added them to negative keyword lists. This made sure our ads stayed focused, and only targeted people who would become our customers.

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