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Swoveralls was scheduled to appear on Season 10 of Shark Tank and wanted to capitalize on the inevitable awareness and publicity the brand would receive. Swoveralls wanted to hire The Snow Agency to put together a customer acquisition and content strategy to accumulate enough capital to transition from pre-orders to holding inventory.


We developed a customer acquisition and content strategy to prepare for the extreme and sudden traffic Swoveralls would receive. We prepared retargeting ads to target potential customers who have taken action or engaged with the website after it aired. Additionally, we wanted to focus on utilizing this gained traction and momentum by creating Lookalike Audiences based on customer actions to target new prospective customers. We created Landing Pages and Custom Videos to complement our advertising strategy and maximize our conversions.

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Our Process

Landing Page Optimization

We discovered that Swoveralls had a very low conversion rate starting out. To ensure the best possible conversion rate, we insisted that Kyle (Swoveralls Founder) should optimize his website by sending traffic to a Shark Tank Related Landing Page rather than the generic product page. Moreover, we added bundles, frequent call-to-action buttons, and variant options to the landing page to improve storewide Average Order Value.

This video increased returns by 78% and accounted for 56% of all prospecting sales.

Creative Content Development

In order to scale Swoveralls, we focused on implementing a unique content strategy in which we created new Shark Tank-related content for video ads across various platforms. After compiling the Shark Tank Pitch footage, we created a new mashup video to target incoming potential customers with.

Retargeting Customers

To prepare for the massive amount of traffic experienced during and after the launch of the Shark Tank episode. We created heavily segmented custom retargeting audiences to reach all potential customers and deliver them ads, further incentivizing them to purchase with a Shark Tank-themed discount code.

New Customers

To properly target new customers, we created a variety of Lookalike Audiences based on seed audiences from past customer behavior such as Purchasing Patterns, Content Views, Engagement, etc. We also implemented various interest-based audiences relating closely to Swoverall’s target buyer persona. This strategy allowed us to grow the company’s reach further than what Shark Tank could do organically. Although we were only selling pre-orders, we experienced overwhelming success at the prospecting level. This allowed Kyle to ramp up production and order significantly more inventory to scale his business.

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After 30 Days Working with The Snow Agency


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"The Snow Agency team has been a pleasure to work with. I came to them in the 11th hour right before a vast exposure moment for my brand, and they worked through the weekend to ensure my ads were set up for success. They were quickly able to not only optimize the paid ads and create a strong return but also provided relevant and timely feedback to me improve my onsite experience. That all said, the best part has been the customer support. The team at the Snow Agency are incredibly responsive. I feel like they’re always there if I have any questions/requests. Overall, I’d recommend Social Cadre to any friend looking to work with a reliable digital marketing agency."
Chief Swoverall Officer, Swoveralls

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