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AI Marketing Is Changing The Industry Landscape - Here Are 7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From It In 2023

By 2035, AI will increase overall profitability by 38% and generate $14 trillion of additional revenue for global businesses!


Empower Clinics Partners with Leading U.S. Digital Marketing Agency to Launch Direct-to-Consumer e-Commerce Solutions

See why Empower Clinics (CSE:CBDT) has chosen The Snow Agency as its DTC digital marketing partner.


The Snow Agency Announces the Launch of Kindred Studios

Read our announcement on the launch of Kindred Studios, offering high-quality photo, video, and web design, social media and more.


NBC News: Is Miami the next tech hub?

NBC News Today interviewed CEO Daniel Snow about his experience operating a business in Miami as part of the city’s mission to be the next Silicon Valley.


8 Ecommerce Trends Fast-Growing Brands Are Paying Attention to in 2021

Remember when the ecommerce industry shifted significantly upward in 2020? In fact, trends showed in the U.S. consumers spent $861.12 billion online in 2020, which was a 44% increase year over year.


The Snow Agency Ranked the #1 US Digital Marketing Agency in January Rankings by DesignRush

According to DesignRush, over 52% of businesses plan to increase their investment in digital transformation in 2021. Simply put, the need for innovative yet reliable digital marketing solutions has never been greater.

Snow Agency Team-3

Yahoo Finance: The Snow Agency is the Top Digital Marketing Company in the US

Design Rush via Yahoo Finance has named The Snow Agency as their #1 digital marketing agency in the United States for January 2021. Keep reading to learn more about how we've generated over $250+ million dollars in revenue for our clients.

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Hollywood Hair Bar SnapChat Spotlight

Hollywood Hair Bar sells a full line of all-natural hair growth products. Leveraging user generated video testimonials as part of their ad strategy on Snapchat, Hollywood Hair Bar was able to connect with their target audience to boost brand awareness and drive online sales.


The Snow Agency Launches Email & SMS Services...And the Results Are Explosive!

The Snow Agency, led by Daniel and Jonathan Snow, is one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agencies in America and has just revealed its brand-new service offering: Email and SMS marketing. The Snow Agency has generated $3.8 million in revenue just within four months of launching its Email and SMS marketing services branch, for its first wave of clients.


Social Media Monetization w/ James Altucher

"Another Side Hustle Friday! I have an idea to buy a lot of Instagram account with millions of followers and then point it to my account so I can do affiliate deals! And then I heard about, the Co-Founder of The Snow Agency, Daniel Snow! He did exactly that! Now he owns an agency and helped one of his clients from 30 thousand dollar revenue a month to 3 million dollars revenue a month in just 5 months! I can't wait to chat with him!"


Three Simple Steps To See Explosive Instagram Follower Growth

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably familiar with the power of social media via themed pages and individual influencers. These outlets have fueled the fire for modern society’s appetite for digital consumption. The contemporary influencer and the widespread desire to become one remain some of the most profound enigmas in recent memory. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is an influencer? Why do half of my friends on Instagram now proclaim themselves to be one?”


How To Motivate Your Employees To Reach The Finish Line

Every business, regardless of industry, is going to face challenges that impact its team members. When that challenge happens to be a difficult client or campaign, it can really take a toll on employee morale. Working day in and day out with an aggressive or overly demanding client, or a campaign that’s just not producing the desired results, might make your team feel helpless and hopeless, which could even lead to some turnover.


Nine Questions To Ask Before Hiring A New Agency

You’ve had some good meetings with representatives from a new agency. The team members they’ve sent seem sharp, personable and ready to have you sign on the dotted line. But committing to an agency – whether you’re transitioning to a new agency or this is your first time working with one – is a big deal.


10 Agency Pros Share Their Biggest Time-Waster (And How They’ve Addressed It)

Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to reflect on the past. And in reviewing your first quarter of 2018, you’ve likely noticed ways you’ve improved on — or exacerbated — issues you were dealing with in the past year.


Facebook Advertising Strategies from 30+ Experts to Optimize Your Campaigns

What the trends all predicted, the data now confirms. 2017 was the year digital ad spend finally outpaced television, $209 billion (41%) to $178 billion (35%) worldwide:


Three Ways To Help Failure Springboard Your Future Success

“Is this it? Is this the day I will become homeless? What about the success I had maintained for so many years? How did this happen, and how did I get to this point?”


Succeeding Among the Changing Seas of Facebook and Instagram Ads

The nature of advertising across social media remains a space of constant change. All advertising is half art, half science, and this idiom is even more prominent in the realm of social with its immense mix of data metrics and focus on brand image.


Wholesale Ecommerce Websites: Insights from 50 Merchants & Marketers on B2B

Wholesale and B2B ecommerce are exploding … to the tune of $7.66 trillion this year. The advantages of investing in a wholesale ecommerce platform continue to mount: higher average orders, conversion rates, and customer lifetime values.


Instagram Ecommerce, Apps & Business Accounts: Are You Ready for the Coming Changes?

This article is a must-read for brands that showcase Instagram or user-generated content (UGC) in their online stores. If you use Instagram to power …


15 Ways To Increase Engagement Without Being Too Self-Promotional

As a business owner, you are surely aware of the value and importance of engaging with your audience if you want to become and stay relevant in today’s competitive online space.


How 12 Agency Pros Leverage Segmented Data For Better Conversion Rates

Marketers have access to more consumer data than ever before. Demographic information goes well beyond gender, age, income and location – now it’s possible to drill down into highly specific preferences and behaviors, which gives brands the opportunity to target customer groups on a deeper level.


Nine Ways To Measure Influencer ROI

Modern companies are finding that influencer marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build brand awareness, especially on social media. Although this form of marketing can be relatively inexpensive – some influencers will promote your brand in exchange for products – it is still an investment, and like any other marketing expense, it’s important to track your return on that investment.


13 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency

Picking the right agency for your business takes some effort and homework on your part. You need to find a company that meshes with your personality and your business style, but you also want an agency that is affordable and in tune with your industry.


15 Ways To Bridge The Gap Between Social Media And In-Store Experiences

For retailers, the line between online and offline shopping experiences no longer exists. Today’s consumers expect consistent branding and service across all platforms, whether they’re physically in a store, browsing products on a website or reaching out on social media.


Want Customers To Leave Reviews? Here’s How To (Politely) Nudge Them

In an age when many consumers conduct online product research before buying, customer reviews are essential to growing your sales. In fact, research from BrightLocal found that 85% of consumers trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations from people they know.


11 Tips For Creating Authentically Diverse Marketing Campaigns

From Kendall Jenner’s highly controversial 2017 Pepsi “protest” ad to Jack in the Box’s recent spot featuring genital jokes in the workplace, ad agencies have, over the years, made a lot of tone-deaf blunders. Today’s socially conscious consumers expect authentically diverse experiences portrayed in the media, and they’re becoming less and less forgiving when brands rely on stereotypes or offensive humor to sell their products.

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