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Shopify’s New Purchase Option: Try Before You Buy

What if I told you that you could now remove a significant risk from purchasing your product and help a customer make a more informed decision? Does that sound too good to be true? 

Well, with Shopify’s newest release, it is possible. Meet Shopify’s “Try before you buy.” Shopify is changing the world of e-commerce once again with this recent purchase option that puts more power in the hands of consumers, reduces customers’ purchasing risk, and can ultimately help accelerate conversions for your business.

What Is “Try Before You Buy”?

“Try before you buy” is Shopify’s newest purchase option that enables you to deliver orders to customers to “try” out products for a certain period of time before collecting payment from them. You can still charge customers, of course. But the difference is you’re enabling them to experience a trial period in which they can have the time to make an informed decision about your product. This period can be several days, a week, or even longer, depending on how long you decide. 

And no worries about receiving future payments. Before you send out a shipment to customers, customers must disclose their payment information upfront, authorizing that they will send a charge to your business sometime in the future. Shopify ensures that each customer’s data is securely stored throughout the process.

How Will “Try Before You Buy” Impact Your Business?

Shopify’s “Try before you buy” has the potential to significantly enhance your business’s performance, build stronger trust with customers, help you reach a wider customer base and amp up conversions.

Create a satisfying customer experience with greater trust

If you asked customers what the biggest drawback of shopping online was, they would probably bring up the fact that they can’t physically touch and see the item online they are shopping for as they can in a brick-and-mortar store. 74% of customers expressed this sentiment in a survey, revealing that one major obstacle that hindered their online purchasing decisions was not being able to try out the products before buying them. 

If customers can’t experience a product in real-time before they buy, it makes it that much more difficult for a customer to trust that a product is right for them. Without the ability to make an informed decision, some customers might feel that it is ultimately not worth the risk of making an online purchase. 

But Shopify’s “Try before you buy” has the power to change that. Now customers can try out a product of yours for a certain period of time to make an informed decision and determine whether or not the item is right for them. This not only creates a stronger, more flexible and convenient customer experience, it also helps customers build trust with your business and can ultimately drive greater satisfaction and loyalty. 

Attract a new market of customers 

Ecommerce is fiercely competitive, and including a “Try before you buy” as one of your purchasing options can help your business stand out from other brands that do not offer the same purchasing flexibility. “Try before you buy” will help attract customers who may otherwise not have ever taken a chance on your product. With less at stake, customers who typically second guess their online purchases will feel more confident about trying out and buying an item from your company. 

“Try before you buy” will also help you attract customers who like comparison shopping. As 81% of consumers prefer to research products before making a purchasing decision, customers will appreciate having the ability to compare your product to others from other brands. They may also decide they don’t need to look elsewhere as they found exactly what they were looking for from your company. 

Boost conversions

“Try before you buy” can help you accelerate conversions like never before. 

It might seem counterintuitive – how can a “Try before you buy” option help drive conversions if customers take home your products before they paid for them? But remember, given the risk involved in buying online, they may have otherwise never ordered the product from your company at all. 

When customers doubt making an online purchase, they often abandon the purchase altogether. According to sources, approximately 70% of customers abandon their cart before making purchases online. With customers having the option to not pay for an item of yours until after they decide to keep it, there is less financial risk involved, and more customers will be encouraged to make an order from your company in the first place. 

How Can You Get Started With Shopify’s “Try Before You Buy”?

So, you like what you have been reading and want to hop on board. 

Getting started with Shopify’s Try Before You Buy is easy. Simply install a “Try before you buy” app directly from the Shopify store. 

After you set up your account in the Shopify Admin, you can work out the details of the trial period involved, deciding how long a customers’ trial period will last before they will be charged for the item they ordered.

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