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Powerful Ecommerce Tech Solutions

Optimize your Ecommerce tech ecosystem and enhance performance with our expert tech implementation services, leveraging 30+ top-tier applications.

Shopify Plus Certified Agency Partner

As a certified Shopify Plus Partner, we work with global brands to design, develop, and grow Shopify sites, and support those brands through a strategic mix of digital strategy and marketing technology.

“Hiya, a children’s wellness brand, worked with Snow Agency, who is a Plus-certified partner to onboard into audiences. As a result, Hiya has seen their return on ad spend increased over 170%. Their conversion rate has increased over 150%, all while driving down cost per acquisition by 35%.” 

Tobias Lütke, Shopify Founder & CEO

Enhance Your Tech Stack With Our Strategic Partners

Our clients receive preferred rates, white-glove service and support through our network of strategic partners.

Shopify Migration from WooCommerce

Experience a faster and smoother migration of your product, order, and customer data from WooCommerce with Shopify apps. Seamlessly transition your eCommerce store to Shopify without any data loss, benefiting from easy re-import options, customer activation links, review migration, and URL redirects, even with WooCommerce's diverse data storage capabilities.

Rebuy (Upsell/Cross-Sell App)

Optimize Average Order Value (AOV) through data-driven shopping experiences that span the customer journey from homepage to checkout, extending into post-purchase interactions and beyond. With Rebuy’s personalization platform, you can harness the potential of proprietary AI/ML technology alongside versatile software options (no-code, low-code, and custom code).

Stamped Product Reviews

Capture and display high-converting reviews, ratings, photos, videos, and Q&A, while also offering revenue-boosting features like NPS, Instagram Shoppable Gallery, Checkout Reviews, and more with Stamped. With fully customizable on-site display widgets, you can tailor reviews to match your brand and effectively moderate and comment on reviews.

Stamped Loyalty & Rewards

Maximize customer loyalty through a tailored loyalty program, VIP tiers, and referrals. Stamped Loyalty & Referrals provides a comprehensive suite of customized loyalty experiences, AI-powered Points & Rewards, VIP Tiers, and Referral solutions that increase average order value and maximize customer lifetime value.

KnoCommerce Post-Purchase Survey

Scale and grow your business with dynamic surveys and powerful analytics. With the KnoCommerce post-purchase survey (PPS) platform, utilize targeted audiences, pre-built templates, attribution models, benchmarking, and actionable insights to uncover customer motivations and preferences, enhancing post-purchase analysis, fostering better connections, and driving deeper customer engagement.

Triple Whale Analytics

Simplifies your decision-making process by consolidating the most crucial metrics and attribution data into a user-friendly dashboard. Triple Whale offers seamless integrations with key platforms and utilizes e-commerce-specific AI to deliver the data points essential for your business, providing customization and personalization tailored to your needs.

Klaviyo Email & SMS

Centralize and utilize your data to automate personalized marketing across email, SMS, forms, mobile push, and reviews. Klaviyo provides multiple template libraries for email, SMS, forms, reviews, campaigns, automations, and reports, making it easy to customize and implement without starting from scratch.

Attentive SMS & MMS Marketing

Engage in personalized, two-way conversations with customers, and grow your SMS subscriber lists faster. With Attentive, you can implement personalized two-way messages throughout the customer lifecycle, including limited-time offers, new product updates, order information, customer support, Text-to-Buy via Shop Pay, and more.

Shopify Mailchimp Integration

Enhance your brand and business through precision-targeted emails, expert insights, and a robust marketing CRM. By integrating seamlessly with Shopify's online store and POS system, Mailchimp’s email marketing and automation platform provide tools to scale up and increase sales.

Recharge Payments

Grow your subscription business through Recharge, a subscription management solution that offers scalable and customizable options that integrate seamlessly with your tech stack, empowering customers to manage their subscriptions directly from your store.

Narvar Returns & Exchanges

Protect revenue by converting refunds into exchanges, with a variety of options to save sales and reduce costs with Narvar. Enhance customer lifetime value with customizable experiences, efficient return options, and seamless integration with other essential business tools.

Fondue (Cash-Back)

Replace traditional pre-purchase incentives (like coupons) with personalized options (gift cards, cash back) that caters to individual shopper needs, keeping loyal customers engaged with bonus values on gift cards and offering discounts to those who require them for conversion while recapturing revenue from shoppers who didn't need the discount.

Popsixle (Server-Sided Tracking)

Supercharge Facebook's AI and unlock superior ad performance with Popsixle. By enhancing the data connection between Shopify and Facebook, gain accurate insights and a powerful AI engine, enabling smarter and more confident decision-making for your marketing efforts.

Gorgias Helpdesk & Live Chat

Unify support conversations and related orders to drive growth through improved customer satisfaction with Georgia’s customer service platform. Increase conversions and customer retention with centralized ticket views that include orders, conversations, social comments, and DMs, and empower your support agents to act as sales representatives to boost revenue.

Pretty Damn Quick (PDQ) Checkout & Fulfillment

Dominate shipping zones, enhance checkout conversions, and increase revenue while optimizing delivery with better options and precise arrival times. With PDQ, boost conversion rates with industry-proven optimizations, fast fulfillment (in-house or through 3PL), cost-effective shipping, and on-time delivery to maximize profitability on every shipment.

Tapcart Mobile App

Improve mobile conversions and customer retention for stores with Tapcart, a no-code mobile app builder. Sync your Shopify store instantly and take advantage of higher conversion rates and cost-free push notifications for direct messaging to your audience, all with expert support for app creation, launch, and management.

Klarna Payments

Boost sales and conversions by utilizing flexible, customized on-site messaging that highlights Klarna as a payment method, including buy now pay later (BNPL) options. Create personalized promotions and banners to inform customers about the availability of Klarna payment options and benefit from a dedicated support team to enhance the checkout experience.

Afterpay Payments

Drive sales and customer loyalty by using Afterpay’s on-site messaging app that offers customizable and visually appealing messages that informs customers about Afterpay as a payment option, leading to increased shopping frequency, larger basket sizes, and higher sales.

Post Pilot Direct Mail

Send personalized postcard campaigns to customers and prospects with PostPilot offers an easy-to-use direct mail platform that cuts through the digital clutter and boosts acquisition and retention. Target customers based on behavior, track results in real time, and enjoy a risk-free trial to experience the cost-effective benefits of direct mail marketing.

Okendo Product Reviews & UGC

Showcase authentic customer ratings, reviews, visual user-generated content, Q&A, and NPS with Kendo, a customer marketing platform. Leverage Okendo to gain valuable insights, drive customer advocacy, and deliver personalized experiences for faster and more efficient growth.

Route Shipping Insurance

Provide package protection, tracking, and remarketing with Route, a post-purchase platform. Enhance customer experience with immersive package tracking, personalized product recommendations, and shipping insurance for peace of mind during checkout.

Leading Ecommerce Expertise

The Snow Agency has become a leading full-service digital marketing agency under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan Snow. Leveraging his experience as a top-earning marketer at a multi-million dollar agency, Dr. Snow has co-founded and launched several ecommerce stores, generating over $50M in revenue in just three years.

Accelerate your digital potential.

Tapping into the full potential of your digital ecosystem starts with exploring what’s possible. With digital experts fluent in 30+ platforms, we can enhance your current setup with features that help you accomplish any range of goals.

Our Strategic Approach

Discovery & Stack Audit: We take a deep dive into your Shopify backend and identify current tools, implementations, and gaps, based on the objectives of your brand.

Planning, Requirements, and Design: Once we understand your brand goals and gaps, we can start to identify the best app integrations and provide recommendations.

Application Implementation: With the plan in place, we implement and customize each application to the desired use case, matching website branding.

User Acceptance Testing, Deployment: Once apps are implemented and customized, we run robust user testing, and walk you through the new admin and customer experience.

Monitor and Transition to Support: After review and acceptance, we offer ongoing support and maintenance packages.

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