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Just In: Shop Cash Is Now Live For All Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify Plus plans just got even more enticing for E-Commerce brands looking to improve customer acquisition and brand loyalty. 

Big news hit the E-Commerce World in October when Shopify announced the launch of Shop Cash – a Shop App customer rewards program designed to drive your brand forward by supercharging your customer acquisition and maximizing ROAS. That news just got even better. 

Shop Cash is NOW LIVE for all Shopify Plus stores, which means it’s time for your brand to take advantage.

What Is Shop Cash?

Shop Cash is a customer rewards program available exclusively to Shop App customers. Customers receive 3% Shop Cash rewards on each purchase they make on Shop App and for your brand’s specific store.

After customers make purchases using Shop Cash, they are then rewarded with additional Shop Cash rewards and receive offers from other Shop App stores to multiply their Shop Cash balance. The program incentivizes customers to continue shopping on the Shop App and at your store. 

Why Shop Cash?

By rewarding your customers with Shop Cash after eligible Shop App purchases, your brand incentivizes customers to be repeat shoppers with their earnings. As a result, Shop Cash creates a community of loyal customers you can rely on.

In addition, Shop Cash puts your brand in front of millions of engaged shoppers on the Shop Pay app. Gaining access to Shopify’s massive network of 100 MM active shoppers will increase your brand’s overall visibility and drastically improve your customer acquisition efforts.

How To Launch Shop Cash Campaigns

Shop Cash Campaigns offers a new customer acquisition channel through an affiliate model, where you can now acquire customers for a fixed CPA. Through push, email, and other promotional campaigns through the Shop App, you can strengthen loyalty to your brand and enhance each of your customer’s lifecycle values.

Launching Shop Cash campaigns is effortless, straightforward, and at no cost to you. By simply inputting your total budget and maximum cost per acquisition, a multiplier is automatically applied to optimize your ad-spend. Any dollar that’s dedicated to Shop Cash rewards that isn’t spent goes right back into your wallet. With Shop Cash, you can unlock unprecedented ROI for your brand.


Shop Cash is easy, efficient, and risk-free affiliate marketing, making it a no-brainer for any E-Commerce brand struggling with growth, retention, or ROAS. Simply put, there’s never been a better time to become a Shopify Plus member.

To make sure you take full advantage of Shop Cash, reach out to us today for a free consultation. Exponential client growth, improved retention, and maximum ROAS are just a click away!