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The Snow Agency and Source Medium Join Forces to Revolutionize DTC Brand Performance

Redefining ‘Data-Driven’ DTC Marketing & Strategy through Next-Gen Analytics

MIAMI, September 7th, 2023 – The Snow Agency, an Avenue Z Company, and leader in performance marketing for DTC brands, has joined forces with Source Medium to reshape holistic data-driven strategy and analysis. This innovative partnership combines Source Medium’s cutting-edge data infrastructure with The Snow Agency’s tactical approach to data visualization and interpretation.

As consumer behavior shifts and the market evolves, DTC brands confront challenges in optimizing marketing strategies. The Snow Agency excels in driving profitable growth for DTC brands through social and search media, retention marketing, performance creative, and influencer marketing. With this collaboration, The Snow Agency will leverage Source Medium’s proprietary data & technological infrastructure to optimize a brand’s performance across the entire ecosystem, including Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart.

Source Medium, a DTC data transformation leader, equips brands with tools for digital success. Their robust infrastructure integrates seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and scalability in media buying.

Through building a proprietary analytics dashboard with unmatched flexibility, The Snow Agency is enhancing its capabilities to deliver even better results for its clients. DTC brands that are clients of The Snow Agency will now gain access to this proprietary tool that is exclusively available to The Snow Agency clients.

“We are excited to partner with Source Medium to develop proprietary omni-channel analytics dashboards that leverage source-of-truth cohort data,” said Jonathan Snow, President and Founder of The Snow Agency. 

The collaboration between The Snow Agency and Source Medium aims to create a third-party partnership focused on delivering unparalleled data-driven insights and strategies to its clients.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission of driving profitable growth for DTC brands through the utilization of the most advanced tools and tactics available. In an ever-evolving market that emphasizes the efficiency of media dollars, we will now be able to provide our clients with an integrated, modeled data set that paints a clear picture of their entire digital ecosystem,” said Snow. 

The Snow Agency and Source Medium are working on integrating an additional technology partner to inject AI-driven predictive forecasting and a recommendation engine into the proprietary tool. This modernized approach to performance marketing is long-awaited and will level-up the meaning of “data-driven” for the entire DTC industry.

About The Snow Agency:

The Snow Agency is a leading media buying agency specializing in driving growth for DTC brands. With a focus on ROI-driven strategies and innovative creative services, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for brands looking to maximize their digital advertising efforts. For more information, visit: 

About Source Medium:

Source Medium is a pioneer in DTC infrastructure and data transformation. Their comprehensive suite of tools and solutions empowers brands with the insights and capabilities needed to navigate the digital landscape successfully. With a commitment to scalability and efficiency, Source Medium provides the foundation for brands to thrive in the competitive DTC market. For more information, visit:

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