The Snow Agency Announces TikTok Shop Partnership Ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023

As Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023 (BFCM) approaches, marketers and eCommerce professionals worldwide are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping events of the year. The Snow Agency, an Avenue Z company, and a leader in digital marketing and eCommerce strategy, is proud to announce its status as an official TikTok Shop Partner. The Snow Agency is now offering brands exclusive access, implementation, and optimization of TikTok’s innovative shopping platform for BFCM 2023 and beyond.


TikTok Shop, which officially launched in September 2023, is revolutionizing how brands connect with consumers to drive sales. The Snow Agency’s novel status solidifies its reputation as a trusted partner to enable and scale brands in the new TikTok Shop ecosystem. TikTok Shop offers an array of selling tools and a vast network of affiliates/influencers, providing a unique opportunity for brands to maximize their revenue and gain dynamic, valuable insights.

How Does TikTok Shop Work?

How Does TikTok Shop Work? TikTok Shop offers brands three dynamic ways to showcase their products to a massive and engaged audience:

Live Shopping. Customers can seamlessly shop for products featured by their favorite creators and brands during TikTok LIVE livestreams. TikTok Shop products can be tagged and easily purchased during livestreams.


Shoppable Videos. In-feed videos become shopping opportunities as customers can click on product links to make direct purchases via any influencer or brand post.


Product Showcase. Brands and creators can set up app-native storefronts, allowing shoppers to purchase products directly within the TikTok app.


What are the benefits for sellers?

With over 1 billion active monthly users and an impressive 55% conversion rate for users who make purchases after seeing a brand on TikTok, the platform has become a must-visit destination for e-commerce sellers. Key benefits for sellers include:

  • Higher Conversion Rates: With no redirects to other apps or websites, TikTok Shop offers a seamless shopping experience, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Extensive Promotion Tools: Brands can leverage various incentives, discounts, free shipping/subsidiary programs, and participate in exclusive TikTok-sponsored campaigns to promote their businesses.
  • Access to Influencers: TikTok Shop provides access to thousands of creators through its affiliate program, allowing brands to connect and collaborate with niche-specific influencers in a pay-for-performance model.
  • Performance Tracking: Comprehensive dashboards within TikTok Shop enable brands to monitor their performance, track traffic, and gather customer reviews.

“As a seasoned marketer and long-time Shopify Plus partner with access to unprecedented e-commerce revenue data from our broad client set, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incremental revenue potential of TikTok Shop,” said Jonathan Snow, President of The Snow Agency. “With access to endless affiliates/influencers who are incentivized to sell your products, consumer brands now have a tremendous amount of influence and revenue-generating power within reach. TikTok Shop is a game-changer for e-commerce sellers if executed properly.”


The Snow Agency offers a holistic approach to scaling TikTok Shops, what it deems the “3 Pillars”:

  1. Influencers (Affiliates) & Content Creators 
  2. TikTok Ads
  3. TikTok Organic

This integrated approach creates a flywheel for brands that emphasize and maximize the potential of virality.

You can't afford to miss out.

Ready to start selling on TikTok? Connect with us to build an advertising strategy that works for your business and goals.

The Snow Agency and Source Medium Join Forces to Revolutionize DTC Brand Performance

Redefining ‘Data-Driven’ DTC Marketing & Strategy through Next-Gen Analytics

MIAMI, September 7th, 2023 – The Snow Agency, an Avenue Z Company, and leader in performance marketing for DTC brands, has joined forces with Source Medium to reshape holistic data-driven strategy and analysis. This innovative partnership combines Source Medium’s cutting-edge data infrastructure with The Snow Agency’s tactical approach to data visualization and interpretation.

As consumer behavior shifts and the market evolves, DTC brands confront challenges in optimizing marketing strategies. The Snow Agency excels in driving profitable growth for DTC brands through social and search media, retention marketing, performance creative, and influencer marketing. With this collaboration, The Snow Agency will leverage Source Medium’s proprietary data & technological infrastructure to optimize a brand’s performance across the entire ecosystem, including Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart.

Source Medium, a DTC data transformation leader, equips brands with tools for digital success. Their robust infrastructure integrates seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and scalability in media buying.

Through building a proprietary analytics dashboard with unmatched flexibility, The Snow Agency is enhancing its capabilities to deliver even better results for its clients. DTC brands that are clients of The Snow Agency will now gain access to this proprietary tool that is exclusively available to The Snow Agency clients.

“We are excited to partner with Source Medium to develop proprietary omni-channel analytics dashboards that leverage source-of-truth cohort data,” said Jonathan Snow, President and Founder of The Snow Agency. 

The collaboration between The Snow Agency and Source Medium aims to create a third-party partnership focused on delivering unparalleled data-driven insights and strategies to its clients.

“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission of driving profitable growth for DTC brands through the utilization of the most advanced tools and tactics available. In an ever-evolving market that emphasizes the efficiency of media dollars, we will now be able to provide our clients with an integrated, modeled data set that paints a clear picture of their entire digital ecosystem,” said Snow. 

The Snow Agency and Source Medium are working on integrating an additional technology partner to inject AI-driven predictive forecasting and a recommendation engine into the proprietary tool. This modernized approach to performance marketing is long-awaited and will level-up the meaning of “data-driven” for the entire DTC industry.

About The Snow Agency:

The Snow Agency is a leading media buying agency specializing in driving growth for DTC brands. With a focus on ROI-driven strategies and innovative creative services, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for brands looking to maximize their digital advertising efforts. For more information, visit: 

About Source Medium:

Source Medium is a pioneer in DTC infrastructure and data transformation. Their comprehensive suite of tools and solutions empowers brands with the insights and capabilities needed to navigate the digital landscape successfully. With a commitment to scalability and efficiency, Source Medium provides the foundation for brands to thrive in the competitive DTC market. For more information, visit:

For media inquiries, contact:

The Snow Agency Ranks #7 On Adweek’s 2022 Fastest Growing Agency List

Major industry news came in this week when Adweek released its annual list of the fastest-growing agencies in the country. 

We’re thrilled to announce that The Snow Agency is ranked as Adweek’s 7th fastest-growing agency in the US! 

Rising to one of the top 10 fastest-growing agencies is a testament to The Snow Agency’s meteoric growth over the past year and the resilience and work ethic of the entire Snow Agency team. 
“In the ever-changing world of ad-tech, marketing platforms, and industry/global trends there is NEVER a dull day,” explains The Snow Agency Co-Founder Jonathan Snow. “Our team takes it all in stride, moves quickly, formulates solutions, and sees the rapidly changing environment as an opportunity and a challenge to become better.”
Co-Founder Daniel Snow adds, “While 2022 has been the hardest year in the advertising industry in my career, our team continues to push further and we are still seeing brands reach new heights!
Through innovative marketing solutions like our recently launched Performance PR Marketing, The Snow Agency has generated $350M+ in revenue across all of our client accounts. While we’re delighted with our progress, we know we’re just getting started. We’re honored to receive recognition from Adweek and humbly thank our supporters, partners, clients, and our passionate team of marketing professionals for making an achievement like this possible. 
If you want to join the hundreds of brands who have evolved into industry leaders thanks to the help of The Snow Agency, reach out for a free audit today!

The Snow Agency Launches Performance PR Marketing

If I were to ask you about the two biggest problems you have been facing as an e-commerce brand since the IOS 14 update, you would most likely mention ad fatigue and rising ad costs, right? Consumers are only growing warier of being constantly inundated with ads, while ad costs only continue to surge. 

What if there was a solution to these two significant issues that have hindered your growth up until now?

ANNOUNCING…our innovative Performance PR Marking Services! 

This new branch of services offered by The Snow Agency has the potential to help you lower your CPMs, drive high-intent traffic to your site, increase engagement, accelerate conversions and supercharge performance like never before! 

How, you ask? Read on.

What is Performance PR Marketing?

Meet the Performance PR funnel, a unique and strategically designed method that puts your products and offerings in front of the right audience and drives traffic directly to your site to increase your ad performance through paid social and search channels. By strategically reducing your CPMs through elevated engagement and click-through-rates, we have proven this will add to your bottom line. 

We run ads from a media publisher’s social media page, which leads to advertorial landing pages on the publisher’s website that puts your brand front and center. An audience of actively searching consumers who are already looking for products like yours will then be able to access your products, and navigate directly to your site from the advertorial landing page, where they can easily make a purchase. 

And the best part? This advertising funnel does not look like ads to consumers. This means that it will not only be more effective in attracting high-intent customers to your site, but they will already be in the market looking for products like yours. And through our advertorial featuring your brand, they will be able to make an easier, better informed decision to move them towards purchase.

The Many Benefits of Performance PR Marketing to Amp Up Ad Performance

In addition to lower CPMs and ads that don’t look like ads, you can also take advantage of white-listing access to the publisher’s Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages and increase click-through rates while reducing cost-per-clicks. Plus, you’re in total control of your PR narrative. We will bring your brand’s vision to life to best represent your brand while catering to your exact target audience. Getting in front of the right audience means higher engagement on your ads with higher amounts of likes, comments and shares.

You can also use licensing rights to use the publisher site’s logo on your organic assets and website to elevate your social proof. Plus, higher traffic to your site and offerings will supercharge your SEO value.

What Kind Of Performance PR Angles Can You Use to Tell Your Story?

Choose from various strategic angles designed to tell your brand and product story exactly as you envision. 

Our Performance PR angles include a first-person testimonial, your brand vs a competitor, top 5 product category round-up, the top pick in a product category, product review, problem-solution, 5 reasons why, and a founder’s story. 

Ready to take the first step to lowering CPMs, increasing CTRs and elevating performance to new heights?

Reach out to The Snow Agency today.

The Snow Agency Makes the INC.5000 2022 Rankings!

Major news! 

INC.5000 2022 rankings were just released.

The Snow Agency was just named the:

#47 FASTEST-GROWING private company in the USA!

#2 FASTEST-GROWING private company in the Advertising & Marketing Industry!

#4 FASTEST-GROWING private company in Florida!

Each year, INC Magazine releases rankings of the fastest-growing companies in America. Making the INC.5000 list marks that the company has reached a significant milestone of entrepreneurial success. 

The Snow Agency is thrilled to have made the list, receiving honors as the 47th fastest-growing private company in the U.S, the 2nd fastest-growing private company in the advertising and marketing space, and the 4th fastest-growing private company in Florida. 

Many people ask me why I’m always working.” Jonathan Snow, founder, and COO of the Snow Agency said. “When work doesn’t feel like work and more like a hobby, these are the results. This is a tremendous moment of validation for me & Daniel Snow.

Jonathan continued, “Getting to this point was not easy. It may appear so from the outside, but the amount of dedication, sacrifice, and energy that went into making what our company is today is hard to conceptualize. We couldn’t have come close to these results without our team’s profound dedication and pursuit of excellence, for which I’m sincerely thankful.

The Snow Agency is humbled and thrilled to continue raising the bar as a trusted digital marketing agency. We are committed to blazing the trail with innovative marketing strategies on our path forward and are honored to receive recognition like this while doing so. We thank our supporters, partners, clients, and our passionate team for making an achievement like this possible.  

Jonathan added, “What’s most exciting to me is: we’ve only just begun.

The Snow Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of brands scale their growth and supercharge their performance to new heights of success. 

And if you too want to see explosive results that mean everything to our bottom line, partner with the digital marketing experts at The Snow Agency. Reach out for a free audit today.

Shopify Published A Case Study Featuring The Snow Agency

Here at the Snow Agency, we are committed to digital marketing strategy that drives major impact to move the needle for businesses. With innovation, creativity, and leading best practices in digital marketing strategies, we help brands elevate their performance across their entire ecosystems to generate massive growth. 

We know that our approach gets results. 

And Shopify knows, too. Our partner, Shopify recently published a case study featuring how our agency helped our client, Hiya, amplify conversions and return on ad spend with Shopify Audiences.

Hiya, a children’s wellness brand specializing in children’s multivitamins, aimed to reach new high-intent buyers through top-of-the-funnel marketing. Like many other brands, recent changes in digital privacy were creating obstacles, marking it harder to reach their target audience while keeping customer acquisition costs down.

So, Hiya partnered with The Snow Agency to help its business grow and enhance performance. As soon as the powerful new tool was released, we onboarded Hiya to Shopify Audiences. Coupled with our cutting-edge, performance-based marketing strategies and the expansive reach of Shopify Audiences, Hiya saw significant results fast. The brand earned a 172% higher return on ad spend (ROAS), 158% increase in conversion rate, and a 35% lower cost per acquisition (CPA).  

Our customized, performance-based marketing strategies help brands like Hiya generate tremendous growth. As a Shopify Plus certified partner, our agency has produced over $300 million in GMV for Shopify businesses of all shapes, sizes and verticals. 

And If you want to see results fast too, it’s time for you to team up with the digital marketing experts at The Snow Agency. Reach out for a free consultation today

The Snow Agency Continues to Rise in the Ranks of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy, when used effectively, is an incredibly powerful tool that can supercharge the growth of a business. But unfortunately, many companies don’t know how to best invest their resources or how to move the needle in ways that will drive the most impact to their bottom line. 

Here at the Snow Agency, we specialize in digital marketing strategy that gets results, helping brands and companies elevate their performance across their entire ecosystems, drive conversions, expand their online presence, and make moves to amplify their ROI. We leverage data & market research to build content, frame infrastructure and maximize the impact of direct response ads & retention marketing via campaigns on Meta, Google, TikTok, email+SMS, and website optimization. Our innovative and performance-driven approach has helped us get positive recognition from many of our past clients and accelerate our growth in the industry.

We wanted to highlight the below review on Clutch that we recently received from a company we worked with.

For this project, we worked with a consumer electronics startup to elevate their paid ad strategy across their social media marketing campaigns. Our efforts led to tangible growth for the company, earning them an over 300% increase in their monthly revenue. You can learn more about the project on our Clutch profile.

We are also excited to announce that we have recently been inducted into the top 100 social media agencies on Top Design Firms, a platform that helps companies find their ideal partner for their project.

Reviews like these demonstrate how vital digital marketing strategy is to a brand’s success, and how brands are beginning to realize the tremendous value it offers to the growth of their company. It validates much of our hard work over the past few years and motivates our team to continue raising the bar with forward-thinking innovation, and to continue evolving to be at the apex of our industry. 

Are you ready to transform your digital marketing operations, maximize the results of your content creation pipeline and drive massive growth of your brand across your entire ecosystem? Reach out for a free consultation today.

The Snow Agency Named Top US Digital Marketing Agency January, According to New Report

DesignRush has issued the January ranking of the top digital marketing and digital agencies with a US presence. These experts are some of the best qualified to grow businesses online in 2021.


With over 52% of businesses planning to increase investment in digital transformation in 2021, the demand for experts in digital channels, strategies and marketing is expected to grow as well.

DesignRush, B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, has released their ranking list of the top digital agencies and digital marketing experts with a US presence to help businesses find the most reliable digital specialists and grow their online presence in the year ahead.

The top-ranked agencies are:

1. The Snow Agency –

The Snow Agency is a team of digital marketing experts specialized in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, email and SMS advertising.

The agency focuses on eCommerce and local businesses, and has spent over $75M across marketing platforms, generating $250M+ in total revenue for its clients.

2. Evestar –

Evestar is an eCommerce marketing agency founded by a unicorn entrepreneur.

The agency works with recognizable brand names and emerging startups alike, delivering branding, conversion rate optimization (CRO), SEO, digital marketing campaigns including social and email, and other services.

3. HZ –

HZ digital agency describe themselves as a “30-year start-up” to describe their extensive experience, as well as fresh attitude to each project.

The agency specializes in a wide range of digital services, from branding to interactive design & development, and works with clients across industries.

4. Authority Solutions –
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Social Media Management and more

5. MESH Interactive –
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Content Marketing and more

6. Marketing Magnet –
Expertise: Business Consulting, Market Research, Branding and more

7. Bild Team –
Expertise: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design and more

8. Grant Marketing –
Expertise: Branding, Content Marketing, Web Design and more

9. Bespoke MM –
Expertise: Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Branding and more

10. 97 Switch –
Expertise: Advertising, Content Creation, SEO and more

11. Clicc Media Inc –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and more

12. Prime Media Designs –
Expertise: Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Consulting and more

13. Logo Design Genius –
Expertise: Web Design, Branding, SEO and more

14. Jorge Pozo –
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Content Marketing and more

15. Correct Digital –
Expertise: Reputation Management, Web Design, PPC and more

16. Americanoize –
Expertise: Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Video Production and more

17. Agency 10 –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Design and more

18. FullStop –
Expertise: Graphic Design, App Development, Software Development and more

19. Branch and Bramble –
Expertise: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more

20. Relevance –
Expertise: Branding, Advertising, SEO and more

21. Flowium –
Expertise: Email Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Market Research and more

22. Multi Marketig USA –
Expertise: Graphic Design, Video Production, Advertising and more

23. Agent CY –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Video Production and more

24. PrimeGuide Partners –
Expertise: Reputation Management, Copywriting, Videography and more

25. Jives Media –
Expertise: Video Marketing, Web Design, SEO and more

26. Part Three –
Expertise: App Development, Public Relations, SEO and more

27. Agency Partner –
Expertise: PPC, Content Marketing, Branding and more

Brands can explore the top digital marketing and digital agencies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies. DesignRush features the top agencies around the world, including the best Digital Agencies, Logo Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, Website Design, eCommerce Web Design Companies and more.

Source: PRWeb