Shopify Published A Case Study Featuring The Snow Agency

Here at the Snow Agency, we are committed to digital marketing strategy that drives major impact to move the needle for businesses. With innovation, creativity, and leading best practices in digital marketing strategies, we help brands elevate their performance across their entire ecosystems to generate massive growth. 

We know that our approach gets results. 

And Shopify knows, too. Our partner, Shopify recently published a case study featuring how our agency helped our client, Hiya, amplify conversions and return on ad spend with Shopify Audiences.

Hiya, a children’s wellness brand specializing in children’s multivitamins, aimed to reach new high-intent buyers through top-of-the-funnel marketing. Like many other brands, recent changes in digital privacy were creating obstacles, marking it harder to reach their target audience while keeping customer acquisition costs down.

So, Hiya partnered with The Snow Agency to help its business grow and enhance performance. As soon as the powerful new tool was released, we onboarded Hiya to Shopify Audiences. Coupled with our cutting-edge, performance-based marketing strategies and the expansive reach of Shopify Audiences, Hiya saw significant results fast. The brand earned a 172% higher return on ad spend (ROAS), 158% increase in conversion rate, and a 35% lower cost per acquisition (CPA).  

Our customized, performance-based marketing strategies help brands like Hiya generate tremendous growth. As a Shopify Plus certified partner, our agency has produced over $300 million in GMV for Shopify businesses of all shapes, sizes and verticals. 

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The Snow Agency Continues to Rise in the Ranks of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy, when used effectively, is an incredibly powerful tool that can supercharge the growth of a business. But unfortunately, many companies don’t know how to best invest their resources or how to move the needle in ways that will drive the most impact to their bottom line. 

Here at the Snow Agency, we specialize in digital marketing strategy that gets results, helping brands and companies elevate their performance across their entire ecosystems, drive conversions, expand their online presence, and make moves to amplify their ROI. We leverage data & market research to build content, frame infrastructure and maximize the impact of direct response ads & retention marketing via campaigns on Meta, Google, TikTok, email+SMS, and website optimization. Our innovative and performance-driven approach has helped us get positive recognition from many of our past clients and accelerate our growth in the industry.

We wanted to highlight the below review on Clutch that we recently received from a company we worked with.

For this project, we worked with a consumer electronics startup to elevate their paid ad strategy across their social media marketing campaigns. Our efforts led to tangible growth for the company, earning them an over 300% increase in their monthly revenue. You can learn more about the project on our Clutch profile.

We are also excited to announce that we have recently been inducted into the top 100 social media agencies on Top Design Firms, a platform that helps companies find their ideal partner for their project.

Reviews like these demonstrate how vital digital marketing strategy is to a brand’s success, and how brands are beginning to realize the tremendous value it offers to the growth of their company. It validates much of our hard work over the past few years and motivates our team to continue raising the bar with forward-thinking innovation, and to continue evolving to be at the apex of our industry. 

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The Snow Agency Named Top US Digital Marketing Agency January, According to New Report

DesignRush has issued the January ranking of the top digital marketing and digital agencies with a US presence. These experts are some of the best qualified to grow businesses online in 2021.


With over 52% of businesses planning to increase investment in digital transformation in 2021, the demand for experts in digital channels, strategies and marketing is expected to grow as well.

DesignRush, B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, has released their ranking list of the top digital agencies and digital marketing experts with a US presence to help businesses find the most reliable digital specialists and grow their online presence in the year ahead.

The top-ranked agencies are:

1. The Snow Agency –

The Snow Agency is a team of digital marketing experts specialized in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, email and SMS advertising.

The agency focuses on eCommerce and local businesses, and has spent over $75M across marketing platforms, generating $250M+ in total revenue for its clients.

2. Evestar –

Evestar is an eCommerce marketing agency founded by a unicorn entrepreneur.

The agency works with recognizable brand names and emerging startups alike, delivering branding, conversion rate optimization (CRO), SEO, digital marketing campaigns including social and email, and other services.

3. HZ –

HZ digital agency describe themselves as a “30-year start-up” to describe their extensive experience, as well as fresh attitude to each project.

The agency specializes in a wide range of digital services, from branding to interactive design & development, and works with clients across industries.

4. Authority Solutions –
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Social Media Management and more

5. MESH Interactive –
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Content Marketing and more

6. Marketing Magnet –
Expertise: Business Consulting, Market Research, Branding and more

7. Bild Team –
Expertise: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design and more

8. Grant Marketing –
Expertise: Branding, Content Marketing, Web Design and more

9. Bespoke MM –
Expertise: Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Branding and more

10. 97 Switch –
Expertise: Advertising, Content Creation, SEO and more

11. Clicc Media Inc –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and more

12. Prime Media Designs –
Expertise: Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Consulting and more

13. Logo Design Genius –
Expertise: Web Design, Branding, SEO and more

14. Jorge Pozo –
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Content Marketing and more

15. Correct Digital –
Expertise: Reputation Management, Web Design, PPC and more

16. Americanoize –
Expertise: Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Video Production and more

17. Agency 10 –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Design and more

18. FullStop –
Expertise: Graphic Design, App Development, Software Development and more

19. Branch and Bramble –
Expertise: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more

20. Relevance –
Expertise: Branding, Advertising, SEO and more

21. Flowium –
Expertise: Email Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Market Research and more

22. Multi Marketig USA –
Expertise: Graphic Design, Video Production, Advertising and more

23. Agent CY –
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Video Production and more

24. PrimeGuide Partners –
Expertise: Reputation Management, Copywriting, Videography and more

25. Jives Media –
Expertise: Video Marketing, Web Design, SEO and more

26. Part Three –
Expertise: App Development, Public Relations, SEO and more

27. Agency Partner –
Expertise: PPC, Content Marketing, Branding and more

Brands can explore the top digital marketing and digital agencies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies. DesignRush features the top agencies around the world, including the best Digital Agencies, Logo Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, Website Design, eCommerce Web Design Companies and more.

Source: PRWeb