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The Snow Agency Launches Performance PR Marketing

If I were to ask you about the two biggest problems you have been facing as an e-commerce brand since the IOS 14 update, you would most likely mention ad fatigue and rising ad costs, right? Consumers are only growing warier of being constantly inundated with ads, while ad costs only continue to surge. 

What if there was a solution to these two significant issues that have hindered your growth up until now?

ANNOUNCING…our innovative Performance PR Marking Services! 

This new branch of services offered by The Snow Agency has the potential to help you lower your CPMs, drive high-intent traffic to your site, increase engagement, accelerate conversions and supercharge performance like never before! 

How, you ask? Read on.

What is Performance PR Marketing?

Meet the Performance PR funnel, a unique and strategically designed method that puts your products and offerings in front of the right audience and drives traffic directly to your site to increase your ad performance through paid social and search channels. By strategically reducing your CPMs through elevated engagement and click-through-rates, we have proven this will add to your bottom line. 

We run ads from a media publisher’s social media page, which leads to advertorial landing pages on the publisher’s website that puts your brand front and center. An audience of actively searching consumers who are already looking for products like yours will then be able to access your products, and navigate directly to your site from the advertorial landing page, where they can easily make a purchase. 

And the best part? This advertising funnel does not look like ads to consumers. This means that it will not only be more effective in attracting high-intent customers to your site, but they will already be in the market looking for products like yours. And through our advertorial featuring your brand, they will be able to make an easier, better informed decision to move them towards purchase.

The Many Benefits of Performance PR Marketing to Amp Up Ad Performance

In addition to lower CPMs and ads that don’t look like ads, you can also take advantage of white-listing access to the publisher’s Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages and increase click-through rates while reducing cost-per-clicks. Plus, you’re in total control of your PR narrative. We will bring your brand’s vision to life to best represent your brand while catering to your exact target audience. Getting in front of the right audience means higher engagement on your ads with higher amounts of likes, comments and shares.

You can also use licensing rights to use the publisher site’s logo on your organic assets and website to elevate your social proof. Plus, higher traffic to your site and offerings will supercharge your SEO value.

What Kind Of Performance PR Angles Can You Use to Tell Your Story?

Choose from various strategic angles designed to tell your brand and product story exactly as you envision. 

Our Performance PR angles include a first-person testimonial, your brand vs a competitor, top 5 product category round-up, the top pick in a product category, product review, problem-solution, 5 reasons why, and a founder’s story. 

Ready to take the first step to lowering CPMs, increasing CTRs and elevating performance to new heights?

Reach out to The Snow Agency today.