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Social Media Weekly Roundup #5

In the fast-paced digital media landscape, today’s tech giants are constantly pushing the boundaries to enrich our online experiences and transform how we digitally connect, collaborate, and express ourselves. From Elon Musk’s redefined vision for Twitter to WhatsApp’s enhanced features and Instagram’s creative innovations, let’s dive into the ever-evolving world of social media.

Musk's X (Formerly Twitter) Revolution Continues

Elon Musk recently made a significant announcement regarding X, the rebranded social network formerly known as Twitter. In an exciting development, users of X will soon be able to enjoy video and audio calls directly on the platform without the need to exchange phone numbers. This move is part of Musk’s ambitious plan to transform X into an all-encompassing “everything app” drawing parallels to WeChat, by offering an expansive array of services. These services will span social media, video games, fintech, payments, and banking. Musk’s vision is to turn X into a universal global address book that facilitates calls across a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Macs, and PCs. This means that seamless communication will be at your fingertips, regardless of your preferred device.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this announcement is that it comes on the heels of a significant update to X’s privacy policy. This update now permits the collection of biometric data and information related to users’ job and education histories. It’s a clear indication of X’s broader expansion into the realm of user data and services, indicating a broader expansion into user data and services, promising a more integrated and personalized experience.

Source: Twitter

Under Elon Musk’s ownership, Twitter has undergone a series of changes including rebranding and policy adjustments that underscore his vision for the platform and reflect his determination to redefine the platform’s purpose and functionality.

WhatsApp's Mac Evolution

Source: Meta

WhatsApp is expanding its improved desktop experience to Mac users with the introduction of a brand new WhatsApp for Mac. This exciting development brings a host of features and convenience to Mac users to enhance users’ communications experience on the app. One of the standout features is the ability to engage in group calls, making it easier than ever to connect with friends, family or colleagues. Users can enjoy video calls with groups of up to eight participants in audio calls with as many as 32 people. You can join ongoing group calls, access call history, and receive call notifications even when the app is closed. Whether it’s for business meetings or catching up with loved ones, this new development facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with larger groups.

What’s more, users will appreciate the ease of file sharing with a drag-and-drop feature, simplifying the exchange of documents, images, and more. The app provides a spacious chat history view, making it convenient to review past conversations and locate important information. As always, WhatsApp ensures end-to-end encryption to maintain the privacy of messages and calls across devices. The app is available for download from and will soon be on the App Store.

Instagram Introduces New Features for Friends and Music Lovers

Instagram is rolling out an array of new features to enrich user interactions and offer opportunities for enhanced creative expression. These additions intend to elevate the Instagram user experience, fostering higher engagement and collaboration across the platform.

Users can now add music to photo carousels, allowing them to set the perfect ambiance to bring their visual stories to life. Additionally, the Collabs feature enables users to invite up to three friends to collaborate on a post, carousel, or reel, expanding content reach to each collaborator’s audience.

Source: Meta

In Reels, a new “Add Yours” sticker enables creators and artists to invite their followers to participate in challenges they create. They can then select their favorite submissions to celebrate their fans’ creativity and cultivate a greater sense of community engagement.

Instagram is also expanding its music library to more countries to ensure that users worldwide have access to an extensive and diverse music library. The platform is partnering with Spotify in Mexico and Brazil to create a Reels Music Chart featuring popular songs from Instagram Reels.

These updates aim to provide users with a dynamic and evolving musical backdrop for their content while promoting stronger collaboration and artistic expression across the platform.

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