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Social Media Weekly Roundup #2

We’re back with another edition of our social media weekly roundup. This is where we bring you the latest key social media platform news and updates to supercharge your social media marketing operations.

Let’s get started! Here are this week’s key social media product updates and announcements to pay attention to in the digital landscape.

Meta & Microsoft Bring Llama 2 to the World

dima-solomin-WfcHl9YfTyQ-unsplash 1

Meta has teamed up with Microsoft to offer Llama 2, the next generation of Meta’s open-source large language model. Through this partnership, Meta becomes the preferred partner for Llama 2. Meta believes in an open approach to AI development, promoting greater transparency, scrutiny, and trust in emerging technologies.

By making AI models like Llama 2 openly available, it can fuel further technological innovations in exciting ways. The model is currently available for free in both research and commercial applications. Its capabilities include enhancing natural language processing for chatbots or virtual assistants, generating personalized content and providing product recommendations. Furthermore, Llama 2 opens up powerful opportunities for further advancements in the realm of social media marketing.

Facebook: Direct Destination for All Video

img02 (4)

Facebook recently announced that its video tab has become the primary destination for all types of videos on the platform, such as reels, long-form videos, and live content. This update aims to enhance the user experience by offering a central location for users to discover and engage with content spanning a wide variety of popular topics and trends.

Additionally, editing tools previously available only for reels have now been expanded to be directly accessible within the Facebook feed. This means that users can now create the same type of engaging and dynamic videos directly on the main Facebook platform rather than only through reels, making content creation and sharing more enjoyable and seamless for Facebook users.

Zuckerberg Stays Optimistic On Threads

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After Threads’ initial huge success upon the first week of launch, there have since been reports of a significant decrease in user engagement and retention. However, Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic and addressed concerns about the decline. He mentioned potential future solutions to increase retention and engagement, including introducing a desktop version, implementing a feed of followed accounts, and adding an edit button.

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