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iOS To Enable Web Push Notifications Starting in 2023

It’s been a challenging year for e-commerce and the world of digital marketing. But recent updates from Apple regarding iOS web push notifications indicate that a promising road lies ahead that can help elevate engagement with your customers to new heights.

Previously, Apple did not support iOS web push notifications. However, in 2023, Apple will begin enabling web push notifications on Safari and other browsers.

What Does This Mean For Direct-to-Consumer Brands?

This new development offers a goldmine of opportunity for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Besides enhancing engagement with your community of customers, this can dramatically increase CTR, conversion rates, and revenues which will directly impact your bottom line.

And for brands with a web-first model without a mobile app, this is game-changing. Suppose a brand without a mobile app wants to send a customer a message. In that case, it currently has to use other channels to engage with users on iOS mobile phones, such as asking users to opt into SMS or email or send a mobile app push notification. However, the vast majority of brands do not have their own app. 

It is not necessarily cost-effective for companies with a high-performing web-first model to develop a mobile app. Therefore, for these non-app-based brands, being able to target customers through web push notifications is a valuable tool for engagement. With web push notifications enabled, they will no longer need a mobile app or be forced to use alternative channels to communicate with their audience in real time.

Why Are Web Push Notifications A Powerful Channel of Engagement?

While email can be an effective channel for communicating with customers, sources reveal that web push notifications can generate 30 times higher conversion rates than email. They also have a 7x times higher CTR than email and two times higher CTR than SMS. Plus, they are free to send, making them even more cost-effective. 

One of the major benefits of web push notifications is that you can use them to reach customers even if they have already navigated away from your website or never even visited your site! With web push notifications enabled, you can easily tap into a wider section of your audience and initiate or build deeper customer connections through re-engagement. Real-time communication with your audience at timely points in their customer journey means that the impact of your messages can go further and more strongly incentivize customers to take action and convert. 

And the fact that you do not need to use a third-party channel to engage with customers using web push notifications means that they follow the latest privacy regulations. So, it is an ideal tool to market your products or services and communicate with your audience.

How Do Web Push Notifications Work?

Web push notifications appear similarly to mobile push notifications at the the top or right side of the mobile device screen in the user’s web browser.

Once a user clicks on the notification, they will be redirected to whatever URL the brand has assigned to the push notification’s CTA. It is important to note that users need to opt-in to receive web push notifications. Therefore, be mindful not to overdo it by inundating your audience with these notifications. Be strategic and timely with your messages, clearly conveying the value users will enjoy from taking action on your push notifications. Also, be purposeful in asking users to opt-in with a nuanced, more personalized approach that will more deeply resonate with your audience.

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