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TikTok Releases the Long-Awaited Attribution Manager

First came TikTok’s conversion data sandbox, launched recently to optimize attribution of TikTok ads to enable more accurate and high-performing attribution. And now comes an even more exciting development to enhance campaign measurement and maximize performance further: TikTok Attribution Manager. 

What is TikTok’s Attribution Manager? 

Attribution is key to gaining insight into customers’ actions after clicking or viewing an ad after a certain period. This information is vital to understanding what does and does not work in your ad campaigns and further informs ad content strategy to enhance future performance. 

An attribution window refers to the time passed from when a person first clicked or viewed an ad and the point at which they took action. The launch of TikTok’s attribution manager enables marketers running ads on TikTok to customize the length of their attribution windows, ranging from one day to 28 days. This means that based on the campaign’s specific needs, marketers can adjust the parameters of the attribution window to optimize the campaign toward reaching specific goals and maximize their ad performance. 

A flexible attribution manager is vital because the campaigns’ length and expected conversion times can vary so much across different brands and their respective offerings. For example, if a brand expects that customers need a certain amount of time to deliberate about their purchase rather than make an impulse buy, it would need a longer attribution window. 

How Does TikTok’s Attribution Manager Work? 

TikTok’s Attribution Manager enables you to customize click-through attribution from one day to 28 days and view-through attribution up to 7 days. However, it will automatically default to 7-day click and 1-day view for TikTok Pixel and Web Event API advertisers. 

The length of the attribution window you choose determines how long a customer has to take a certain action on your ad ad for that action to be recorded in TikTok Ads Manager. 

What Does TikTok’s Attribution Manager Mean to Ad Campaign Performance? 

In the past, with TikTok’s more basic attribution capabilities, TikTok could only track conversions that occurred directly after a consumer clicked immediately within the same session. This means that even if the same customer returned later that day to make a purchase, TikTok’s Ad Manager didn’t register it as a conversion. This would result in TikTok’s pixel reporting many false negatives leading brands to believe that their ads did not result in conversions when in reality, they did! 

The introduction of the conversion data sandbox that enabled cross-conversion reporting was a major development, helping to improve TikTok pixel’s feedback loop with more accurate, reliable and high-performing attribution. 

And now, with the release of a flexible attribution manager, TikTok’s pixel will be able to capture events beyond 1-day click like it was only able to do in the past. Longer attribution windows mean that the TikTok pixel will now be able to pick up more data about conversions across various sessions and thus, have more positive data to report. This is huge in terms of how this will result in a more positive feedback loop.

More simply, advertisers on TikTok will have more data to work with to gain deeper insights into what is and isn’t converting in their ads and then use those insights to inform future ad content strategy. More reliable and accurate attribution can potentially supercharge ad performance like never before. 

Which Brands Have Access to TikTok’s Attribution Manager?

Any brands that currently use TikTok Ads Manager can now access TikTok’s Attribution Manager directly from TikTok Ads Manager under the Assets menu. It will be available to marketers creating campaigns using either the TikTok Pixel or Events API. 

Learn more about how TikTok’s attribution manager can amplify your ad campaign efforts and performance. 

Amp Up Your Campaign Performance With TikTok Advertising

TikTok is a powerful platform in which ecommerce brands can advertise their products to drive massive conversions and growth for their business. And now, with the introduction of TikTok Attribution Manager, shortly after the release of the conversion data sandbox, you have more opportunity than ever to optimize your campaign performance to move the needle for your company. The right strategy makes all the difference. Partner with the digital marketing experts at The Snow Agency to help your brand home on the right ad content strategies, accelerate your ad performance and experience more growth than ever before. 

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