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TikTok Attribution Update: Meet the Conversion Data Sandbox

Up until recently, TikTok’s attribution capabilities were limited to single-session conversions for iOS opt-out users. This made it challenging to collect accurate attribution data from ad campaigns. But this is changing. Meet TikTok’s new “conversion data sandbox” which is behind its newest rollout: cross-session conversion tracking.

What is TikTok’s Conversion Data Sandbox?

TikTok’s Conversion Data Sandbox might well be the solution for high-performing, accurate and reliable attribution of TikTok ads as well as the answer for navigating around consumer privacy issues. This new development protects consumer information by using a pipeline where iOS user information is separated from other data. The user data is also encrypted, obscured and anonymized to keep the consumer’s personal information private.

How Will TikTok’s Conversion Data Sandbox Improve Ad Performance?

In the past with its limited attribution capabilities, TikTok ads would typically underreport on conversions and sales; it only tracked conversions that took place directly from a click immediately within that session! If a consumer saw an ad, clicked through, and then returned later in the day to purchase, TikTok simply did not pick this up. This means the pixel would report false negatives so brands would think that an ad did not lead to a conversion when in reality the consumer did make a purchase. With more accurate data and conversion tracking, the feedback loop into the TikTok pixel just got stronger.

This new development from TikTok will enable aggregated cross-conversion reporting, supercharging performance of ad campaigns with more accurate, reliable and actionable attribution. Brands who run ads on TikTok will now be able to draw much clearer insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns to inform future ad content strategy and drive even better performance.

What About Limited Attribution Windows?

While the attribution windows will remain the same, TikTok’s Attribution Manager will offer you more control to customize the attribution window to your needs. The default will be 7-Day Click,1-Day View. Keep in mind that this new development in TikTok attribution is still in its early stages, so as it evolves and gets rolled out to more and more advertisers, it will become increasingly powerful. Through the newly developed Attribution Manager, brands and advertisers will actually be able to customize their own attribution windows.

Which Brands Can Use TikTok’s Conversion Data Sandbox?

TikTok’s Conversion Data Sandbox is available to any brand with a current TikTok account – so no action is needed on behalf of any brand to have access to this exciting new feature. It will be rolled out to every TikTok ad account using the TikTok Pixel or Web Events API over the next two weeks and will become the default method for ad reporting attribution.

Amplify Growth of Your Business with TikTok Advertising

With competition for ecommerce brands more cutthroat than ever before and ongoing data privacy challenges, TikTok’s Conversion Data Sandbox could not be coming at a better time. Advertising on TikTok can be a powerful way of maximizing ROI while lowering acquisition costs. And the right data insights coupled with actionable strategy can make all the difference. The digital marketing experts at The Snow Agency can help you accelerate your growth with innovative, purposeful TikTok advertising, TikTok Creator services, and a strategic approach to TikTok Organic page management to help your brand cut through the noise and magnify conversions. Reach out for a free consultation today.