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Alpha Clothing Co.


Alpha Clothing Co. is an athleisure brand that had tremendous organic engagement from their social pages but was struggling to convert these people into potential customers. They needed help monetizing their following and driving purchases and website visitors consistently and profitably.


Alpha Clothing Co. came to us already having an engaging audience and high-quality creative assets that served as the foundation of their branding. We were able to identify their prospective customer base and their interests by analyzing the potential customers already engaging with his brand via social media.

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Our Process

Develop the Ideal Customer Profile

The Snow Agency took a deep dive into the Instagram and Facebook accounts. We noticed that Alpha Clothing Co. had been posting and noticed remarkable engagement from customers about the looks and styles of their clothing. Alpha Clothing Co., created its unique line of clothing to serve the fitness community with top-quality products and unmatched comfort. Alpha Clothing Co. was dedicated to growing its brand image with the highest resolution imagery and providing the most optimal clothing for athleisure on the market. Ultimately, Alpha wanted to scale their audience and reach everyone who was looking for gym clothes that were comfortable enough to wear at home or the gym.

Creative Content Production

Alpha’s creative assets were taken directly from the product catalog and segmented based on the style of clothing. Once we gathered the highest quality assets, we displayed them in a carousel/collection style which offered easy navigation and improved user experience. We complimented our design with ad copy written specifically for the customer persona we had identified.

Generating Sales

We put together data-informed prospect campaigns to optimize our audiences. Eventually, we were able to target competitions within the industry and attract new customers to the brand. Within the first three months, our retargeting campaign reached over 10x ROAS. Our prospecting campaigns were created with the utilization of in-depth analysis of data to optimize our seed audiences and we began to make lookalike. Our detailed targeting of competitors in the same vertical, lookalikes during holiday sales, and a multi-faceted approach to both prospect for new customers and keep existing customers engaged and coming back for more.

Multi Channel Retargeting

To build awareness of Alpha Clothing’s holiday sales, we leveraged a multi-channel retargeting strategy that also included YouTube and the Google Display Network. This insured we were “top of mind” throughout the entire holiday season, maximizing sales. 

Our Google Search and Shopping ads captured anyone searching for “Alpha Clothing” or “Fitness Clothing” after seeing ads Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or the Display Network. By holding the top positions on Google, we were able to ensure our customers wouldn’t get distracted by competitor websites or knock-off brands.

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