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Simply Inked TikTok For Business

The Objective:

Simply Inked temporary tattoos are a quick and painless way to test new ink ideas – or just rock a new look for a little bit. After a strong TikTok launch, Simply Inked looked to build upon their success by expanding their market presence to countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK, while decreasing their US acquisition costs.

The Solution:

To drive down sales costs, Simply Inked joined the beta test for TikTok’s new Value-Based Optimization, which employs two different bidding strategies to help brands find their highest-value customers: MinROAS and Highest Value. MinROAS serves messaging to audiences who meet a brand’s ROAS goals, while Highest Value finds the most valuable audiences in a brand’s budget.

Success & Highlights

Deploying Value-Based Optimization proved highly effective for Simply Inked; this “very opportunistic and rewarding” tactic helped increase ROAS by 19-31% and furthered TikTok as a core paid acquisition channel for Simply Inked. For the brand, MinROAS drove a 24% decrease in CPA, while Highest Value helped to increase purchase volume; thanks to this, Value-Based Optimization will be a key part of Simply Inked’s strategy moving forward.

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