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In 30 days, We Boosted BagUps® Engagement Rates by 3,616% and CTR by 189%

Overall Results

Increase in Avg Facebook ROAS


Increase in Average Engagement Rate


Increase in Average CTR


Decrease in
Average CPC



BagUps® trash bags are not only 100% made in the USA, but they are also biodegradable and manufactured by people with disabilities. As a veteran-owned and operated company, BagUps® prides itself on providing quality products that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Their unique design ensures that once one kitchen bag is full and ready to be disposed of, the next empty bag is immediately available.


Before partnering with The Snow Agency, BagUps® faced a significant challenge in accumulating enough creative assets to support scaling ad spend on paid advertising platforms. 


BagUps® partnered with TSA Creator to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) in their marketing campaigns and isolate high-converting personas. We tapped into our network of creators to source direct-response style content for their paid advertising campaigns. Our involvement in BagUps® creator outreach content over the course of 30 days resulted in an increase of 111.3% in BagUps® Facebook ROAS, a 3,616.6% increase in its avg. Engagement Rate, and a 188.7% increase in avg. CTR rate. We also cut their avg. CPC rate by 59.7%.


Our Process

Conduct Market Research and Isolate Target Persona

Through market research, we identified the target persona as women, specifically mothers aged 30 to 45. Their pain points included body aches from bending down to change the trash bag, arguments at home about forgetting to replace the bag, feeling guilty about contributing to landfills, and running out of trash bags.

Source Content From Our Network of UGC Creators

We tapped into our network and sourced 75 pieces of UGC content for BagUps®, ensuring a consistent stream of relatable, authentic, and high-quality content for their marketing campaigns. We focused on highlighting key selling points and the brand name within the first 5-8 seconds of each video. Our work led to an impressive organic response of 179,812 views, 16,898 likes, and 276 saves and shares on creator posts.

Iterate On Sourced Content To Create Winning Ads

We used the sourced content and tested the creator videos to create winning ad edits with our in-house team and proven creative templates. We set clear expectations for creating high-quality, authentic content, including good lighting and the use of specific hashtags in the brand’s market in video descriptions. To expand our reach, we asked creators to send collaboration invites when posting. We then tested the final content and identified successful formats and messaging for future flights. Our involvement resulted in improved ROAS, lower CPC, increased engagement, and boosted organic reach.

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