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Yelle Skin Care is the first-ever plant-based skincare line catered towards melanin rich skin. Yelle was developed with the insight from both a dermatologist and an aesthetician in order to provide the best skin care for people of color.  The founder, Yandy Smith, strived to create an affordable skin care line that targeted people of color who were underrepresented in the beauty industry.


Yelle Skincare was a small brand backed by a celebrity influencer and had been  quite successful with no paid media buying, only influencer marketing. They had reached an impasse and realized that they could scale their brand significantly with paid advertising. 


Yelle Skincare’s  strong message and personal appeal made it perfect for a niche market and its unique relevant audiences we could uncover with targeted Facebook campaigns.Their website would need significant design and development work to improve user experience. By implementing our conversion rate optimization best practices and resonating with their target audience for both desktop and mobile, Yelle saw their total sales increase by 70%.  

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Our Process

Website Optimization

When Yelle Skincare first signed on with the Snow Agency, their website conversion rate was below industry standard. This left room for us to employ our agency’s best practices on CRO to provide an instant boost to revenue, without any changes to the advertising budget.

First, we designed a new mobile version of their website which highlighted reviews as social proof under each product. The previous mobile version was not optimized for mobile view, and creating a new version allowed for customers to easily navigate the website, which increased the overall conversion rate.

Next, we created targeted landing pages catered towards specific paid media audiences that were built based on a targeted customer persona. These landing pages created a singular focus from ad to website experience, improving bounce rates, value per session, and overall conversion rate.

Content Development

Knowing that our target customer persona was mostly black women between the ages of 25 and 34, we created content that would resonate best with this demographic. We sourced content from real customers as well as the founder Yandy Smith. These reviews  were native to the platform, showing real results and real reviews. This authenticity allowed us to effectively communicate Yelle’s most prominent unique value propositions in an organic way, yielding extremely profitable results. We also used the influence of the brand owner’s social media presence to help foster the trust we had developed between Yelle and its customer base. With a mixture of testimonials from celebrities and real customers, product reviews, mash-ups, and informational videos, we were able to deliver engaging and relevant content to our demographic in a templated approach built for repeatable, sustainable direct response success.

Detailed Targeting

Because Yelle Skincare had never spent on any paid social advertising platforms, we had little data to help refine our marketing efforts despite the large organic following that the brand had amassed. We worked around this by leveraging the brand’s large organic following to start developing the ideal customer personas for sustained success at scale. Through our data-driven approach to targeting, we were able to focus our ad spend to prioritize prospecting new customers at a profitable rate. 

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