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In Five Months, We Boosted Nori’s Store Revenue By 116% And Cut CPA by 39%

Overall Results

Increase In Store Revenue


Increase In Facebook ROAS


Increase In Facebook Revenue


Decrease in CPA



The Nori Press is an innovative handheld iron that was looking to break into the highly competitive online retail space. Recognizing the importance of effective digital marketing strategies in achieving success, Nori sought out the expertise of The Snow Agency to help them navigate the complex world of online advertising. By partnering with The Snow Agency, Nori was able to tap into their deep understanding of the industry and leverage their proven strategies for driving revenue growth. Together, they developed a comprehensive plan to optimize every aspect of Nori’s digital presence with the ultimate aim of driving revenue growth and establishing themselves as a reliable household brand in the market.


Before partnering with The Snow Agency, Nori faced a significant challenge in navigating the complex landscape of paid ads platforms. As a relatively new player in the market, Nori had never spent on paid advertising before and lacked the in-house expertise needed to effectively reach their target audience through compelling ad creatives to drive conversions. Without a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of online advertising, Nori recognized that they needed a partner with deep expertise in digital marketing to help them overcome these challenges and establish a successful online advertising strategy.


To establish a successful digital marketing strategy for Nori, we developed a content portfolio that included direct response ads, TikTok-style UGC, and press features. We then conducted iterative testing to identify top-performing ad creatives and optimize the onsite user experience. Our focus on reducing friction and optimizing the user journey led to a significant increase in revenue and customer acquisition. By combining a diverse content portfolio, strategic testing, and a focus on user experience optimization, we were able to establish a strong online presence for Nori and drive impressive results

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Our Process

Develop a Content Portfolio of Direct Response Ads

To develop a content portfolio of direct response ads for Nori, we began by conducting extensive competitor and trend research to identify the most effective messaging and design elements in the industry. We then worked together to create platform-native content that resonated with Nori’s target audience, leveraging our deep understanding of their pain points and motivations to drive more conversions. Thanks to our expertise, we were able to create a content portfolio that drove significant growth for Nori and established them as a leading brand in their industry.  

Persistent Iterative Testing

Our strategy of Persistent Iterative Testing involved proactively improving Nori’s content strategy by conducting focused tests on different components of proven ads. We began by identifying the key components of successful ad campaigns and split-testing various iterations to determine which elements had the greatest impact on conversion rates. This approach enabled us to continually optimize Nori’s content strategy and achieve superior results across every stage of the customer journey. By constantly testing and iterating on our approach, we were able to identify and eliminate potential roadblocks to conversion and refine Nori’s messaging and design elements to better resonate with their target audience.

Leveraging Existing Press

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of Nori’s existing press coverage and identifying the articles that had the highest potential to resonate with Nori’s target demographic. From there, we created a series of ad funnels that prominently featured these publications, incorporating them into every stage of the customer journey to increase credibility and establish Nori as a trusted, authoritative brand. This approach enabled us to effectively leverage Nori’s existing press coverage to drive conversions and build customer trust, ultimately resulting in sustained revenue growth and increased brand awareness.

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The Snow Agency has done an incredible job not only mapping out a paid acquisition strategy, but coaching our team on the type of content we should be creating in order to run ample tests before scaling our account, prioritizing efficiency and optimizing spend!
Courtney Toll
Co-Founder and CEO, Nori

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