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Ellaé Lisqué

We Boosted Ellaé Lisqué’s Opt-In Rates and Revenue in 30 Days With Fondue Cashback


Overall Results

Increase in SMS Contacts


Increase in Email Sign-Ups


Increase in Total Revenue



Ellaé Lisqué is a women’s ready-to-wear fashion brand that specializes in formal wear and evening dresses for special occasions. Popular amongst celebrities and influencers, each dress is unique and hand-crafted in Istanbul, Turkey.  A multi-million dollar company that also caters to petite women and the plus-size community, the brand is guided by its commitment to inclusivity and body positivity, empowering women to feel their most beautiful and confident.


Ellaé Lisqué was facing a challenge in using discount codes to grow its customer base on its email and SMS channels and improve its customer return rate. While the approach did yield sign-ups, it also resulted in the brand losing 100% of the discount value since everyone who opted in used the code.


In order to improve the opt-in rates to Ellaé Lisqué’s retention channels, we suggested a shift from discount codes to cashback offers.  By trading discount codes for cashback offers, we were able to increase opt-in rates for the brand’s SMS and email channels, and generated a dramatic increase in its total revenue.

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Our Process

Leveraged Fondue To Run A Cashback Promotion

Our first step was to leverage Fondue, a cashback promotions app to create a 20% cashback url for Ellaé Lisqué’s customers. We created two different sign-up units on both mobile and desktop sites to test the effectiveness of discount codes vs cashback offers in an A/B test. One sign-up unit offered customers a $10 discount code on their purchase upon signing up for SMS, while the other sign-up unit offered customers 20% cashback on their purchase, also upon signing up for SMS.

Updated Welcome Series Flow And Conducted A/B Testing

We then updated Ellaé Lisqué’s Welcome Series copy to reflect the new cashback offer and incentivize new subscribers. 

Our A/B test revealed that the sign-up unit with the cashback offer outperformed the one that used a discount code, resulting in a 26% increase in total revenue for the brand, 14% increase in email sign-ups and 29% increase in SMS sign-ups.

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