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Klora & Popsixle

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30 Days Post-Implementation of Popsixle

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Increase in ROAS
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Decrease in CPA
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Increase in Conversion Rate
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The Problem

Klora is a gut health brand that creates supplements designed to optimize human performance via the Gut-Mind-Body connection. Klora, like many other online brands, felt the challenges of iOS14 on their Facebook Ads performance. The Snow Agency leveraged its strategic partner, Popsixle, to help restore the flow of data from the Klora website back to their Facebook Ad account.

The Solution

Popsixle’s software immediately improved data flow and positively impacted both prospecting and retargeting ad performance. Using Popsixle for 30 days, Klora was able to increase scale and profitability, turning Facebook back into a growth driver.

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