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Hollywood Hair Bar

Google Ads Generated Over $6 Million In Revenue In Only 2 Years

After 2 years of Working with The Snow Agency

Overall Results

All Time Average ROAS:


All Time Average CPC:


All Time Revenue



Before coming to The Snow Agency, Hollywood Hair Bar had been building their fan base organically for a year. CEO and Founder Tiffany Dean came to The Snow Agency to help her turn her many followers into customers by building a sustainable customer acquisition method. Most importantly, she wanted to ensure that her customers could find her site with just a simple search.


Hollywood Hair Bar started as a Facebook Ads client with EXPLOSIVE results. After only a week, her overall revenue and average order value skyrocketed. However, without any mid-to-bottom of the funnel marketing in place, she was losing out on what could have been exponential growth for her company. Therefore, we decided to start Google Ads – from scratch.


We had to start with the basics: getting the ad account set up, ensuring proper tracking across channels, and making sure our campaigns were optimized to the best of our abilities. Our team meticulously researched keywords and copy to make sure we could reach a high-interest audience. However, after only one-week ROAS was through the roof, Hollywood Hair Bar made six times the money spent on the ads.

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Our Process

Ad Copy That Speaks To A Targeted Audience

To revamp ad copy, we met with the client weekly to better understand her customers’ tone of voice. We A/B tested thoroughly using generic text ads while running responsive search ads. This is how we found the highest converting ad copy.

Key Word Matching Research

We added more relevant keywords with varying match types so we can have a greater reach and expand our volume on each campaign. After a few months, we reviewed the search terms performance, and extracted high potential converters that continuously raised the overall ROAS and significantly lowered the CPCs.

Tested Bidding Strategies

Over time, we saw that manual bidding strategies started to negatively impact the overall performance. Our team decided to make the switch to automated bidding. This gave us the ability to utilize Google’s algorithm to target higher-intent customers, who increased the overall conversion rate by 10%.

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