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Kreyòl Essence

In 6 Months, We Increased Kreyòl Essence’s Revenue By Over 28k

After Six Months Of Working With The Snow Agency

Increase Revenue


Increase in Outbound Click Rate


Decrease In Unsubscribed Lists



Kreyòl Essence is a beauty and wellness brand dedicated to bringing the best of Haiti’s natural hair, skin, and body products to the world. Kreyòl Essence’s products are made from centuries-old indigenous ingredients like sustainably-harvested Haitian Black Castor Oil, to promote natural hair growth and healthy, glowing skin. In addition to serving their customers and community, Kreyòl Essence is committed to supporting economic development, women empowerment, and environmental efforts in Haiti through consistent job creation and sustainable practices.


Kreyòl Essence came to us struggling to achieve consistent sign ups from their pop ups and conversions from their emails. Their automated email flows had poor conversion rates, leading to a significant lack of repeat buyers. Knowing that retention marketing is vital to creating a loyal customer community, Kreyòl Essence enlisted the services of our email team to get them back on track.


After auditing Kreyòl Essence’s email content, our first step was to revamp Kreyòls customer communication strategy. Beginning with their sign up units and welcome series for new subscribers, we repurposed the long-form blogs & reviews Kreyòl Essence had primarily used into strategically targeted emails with more product placements and intentional CTAs. After building a foundational subscriber list, we implemented stronger personalization strategies to more effectively resonate with the brand’s audience and drive consistent conversions.


Our Process

Updated & Optimized Sign Up Units

Our first step was to make it easier and less time-consuming for Kreyòl Essence’s customers to become subscribers. We updated the sign up units by following our best practices for copy, imagery and call-to-actions. We also simplified the process by removing unnecessary steps to subscribing, which resulted in an immediate increase in subscribers. We made Kreyòl Essence’s sign up units concise and clean, eliminating any distractions or unnecessary steps, leading to a drastic increase in conversions.

Revamped Design & Copy in Email Flows

After growing Kreyòl Essence’s subscriber list, our next step was to update their “welcome series” flow to drive that first conversion and establish repeat buyers. The welcome series is a vital introduction to a brand that helps establish a loyal customer community. We adjusted Kreyòl Essence’s flows to make them better suited to a direct-response email channel, transforming their lengthy brand origin stories to more product-focused messaging while maintaining their authentic voice and brand identity. After strategically placing their top-selling products on Facebook and most searched products on Google in the welcome flow, conversions started increasing rapidly

Personalization & Segmentation

Kreyòl Essence’s vast product line features multiple treatments for both hair and skin. Recognizing the diverse beauty needs of Kreyòl Essence’s customers, we aimed to implement a more personalized marketing strategy that catered to the varying needs of new subscribers while introducing customers to the entirety of their offerings. Therefore, instead of featuring general product highlights, we emphasized the specific hair and skin conditions that customers come to Kreyòl to solve. By specifying the condition and posing the exact Kreyòl product that could help, we eliminated a lot of the research customers previously had to do to purchase the product they were looking for.

Once our conversions started increasing, we segmented customer lists based on customers’ beauty needs, and sent follow up emails with additional Kreyòl Essence products that would complement their collection. This personal approach empowered Kreyòl Essence to build stronger relationships with its customers, improve conversions on an extensive list of products, and attract repeat buyers.

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