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In Three Months, We Increased Supplier's FB Revenue By 200% And Outbound Clicks By 280%

Overall Results

Increase in
FB revenue


Increase in Outbound Click Rate


Increase in


Decrease in



Launched in the autumn/winter 2020 season, Tokyo-based street fashion brand SUPPLIER is a new generation of street fashion for the 2020s that has won the hearts of young people with designs and brand craft that embody the realities of today’s youth. SUPPLIER’s ability to constantly evolve with the times as a leader and voice of youth culture has made the brand one of the leaders in streetwear around the world.


As an international brand, SUPPLIER faced difficulties in identifying a consistent audience that would enable scalable growth. Prior to working with The Snow Agency, the company struggled to generate sufficient conversions and failed to break even.


We began testing different audiences that aligned with our market research, including Lookalike audiences, streetwear-interested audiences, and an age demographic between 18-45. After discovering our target audience, we could then optimize our placement strategy. 


Our Process

New Campaign Set Up 

Instead of focusing on conversion optimization without a specified audience, we began by focusing on add-to-cart optimization. By creating a greater volume of traffic for SUPPLIER products, we obtained greater consumer data that allowed us to narrow down a target audience. Using this data, we then adjusted our target location from the United States to Japan, and lowered our age demographic from 18-45 to 18-35. With a more specific audience identified, we could start testing more efficiently.

Creative Tests 

With a more refined audience, we were able to begin testing different ad formats to see what would most resonate with the demographic we were targeting. Our extensive testing process included varying images, video, carousels, and collection ads to find a winning format. In our process we discovered that SUPPLIER’s Instagram story ads were by far the best performing ad placement. More specifically, SUPPLIER’s professional product slide shows and 3D video content generated impressive results. Our testing further specified where we should focus SUPPLIER’s ad-spend and secured vastly improved ROI.

Audience Testing

Despite narrowing down our location and age demographic, we still needed to identify a more clear and defined interest-based audience we could target with Supplier’s lifestyle clothing. Through extensive research and by tracking social media engagement, we identified Supplier’s strong connection to Hip-Hop music. Once we started running tests geared towards interest-based audiences (Hip-Hop music and rap enthusiasts) in the age and location demographic we had already discovered, we started seeing unprecedented conversions. 

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