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With Our Growth, Disco Raised A $5 Million Seed Funding


Disco is a premium line of men’s skincare products that needed help establishing themselves on paid ads platforms as a household brand for the modern man. They partnered with the Snow Agency to explosively grow revenue, help improve their Customer Acquisition Cost, develop creative for high-converting ads, and find strategic website suggestions to improve average order value and conversion rate.


12 months after launching the brand, Disco struggled to identify its hero product. This made it difficult for the brand to identify their target customer persona and the customer’s buying motivations. This resulted in a high cost per purchase, preventing the brand from growing their customer base. Their initial content strategy had left them with some creative assets for the entire product line but not enough of any one product to adequately target prospecting audiences or reliably convert retargeting ones. 


Our first step was to segment out the initial product to focus our marketing efforts on. After finding the product with the highest-converting audience, we experimented with various content angles to yield the most profitable results. We conducted both macro and granular  creative tests to optimize onsite user experience and reduce friction across the entire user journey. 


With Our Growth, Disco Raised A $5 Million Seed Funding


Disco Raises $5 Million Seed Funding Led by Midnight Venture Partners

Men’s skin care brand Disco is ready to expand. The brand that launched in 2019 led by Benjamin Smith recently closed a $5 million seed round following a year of triple-digit growth month-over-month since summer 2020.

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Our Process

Develop Winning Customer Personas

We created and split-tested various customer profiles based on Disco’s  ad spend history, customer feedback, website reviews, social media comments, and post-purchase surveys;  this information, was vital to establish what ultimately drove purchases for their audience. Once we determined their core demographic, we conducted extensive market research to learn how that audience felt about the products, their problems, their objections, and what they wanted to see in a solution. We turned this intimate understanding of the audience’s values, pain points, and motivations into a content strategy and created content that resonated with Disco’s customers and drove more conversions. This deep understanding of Disco’s audience also shaped their brand voice and messaging, unlocking Disco’s potential as a reliable men’s skincare brand and opening the door for sustainable, reliable growth. 

Enhance Creative Strategies

Positioning Disco’s products as the answer to our demographic’s biggest pain points was key to the brand’s success.  We focused on creating ad templates of user generated content representing  their target customer base that highlighted the products’ unique value propositions. We also tested a ton of ad creative styles to identify ads that customers actually wanted to see and engage with. This led us to using a series of funny, relatable memes aligned with the brand’s voice that illustrated the product’s most compelling benefits.

Construct A Cohesive Customer Journey

In order to scale their brand, Disco needed a holistic content strategy that engaged their core demographic in an authentic way. We made their creative assets, ad copy, and landing pages both cohesive and highly-targeted, unifying their customer experience from ad creative through website destination. We can’t say enough how impactful this was for Disco; this change dramatically improved paid media performance and drove additional conversions in new and previously untested verticals.

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"Our mission at Disco is to make skincare accessible to all men. With the help of The Snow Agency, we’ve come much closer to achieving our goal. Since beginning work with TSA, we’ve acquired tens of thousands of user profitably and are working towards establishing our brand as the predominant thought leader in the men’s skincare space. From the beginning of our partnership, The Snow Agency plugged into our business and regularly creates custom landing pages + engaging creatives, executes a world class media buying strategy, and consistently provides detailed reporting and data analysis to inform our broader strategy decisions. TSA is an extension of the Disco team and I couldn’t be more thankful for our partnership."

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