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Perfect Sculpt


Perfect Sculpt is a shape-wear brand with a focus on one signature item, the “backless, strapless, push-up bra.” They began as an online retailer and saw steady results without any growth in sales. The Snow Agency stepped in to help create a unique digital strategy to increase sales and get the results The Perfect Sculpt needed.


We put together a viral online marketing campaign that combined celebrities, influencers (large and small), “theme” pages on social media, and paid acquisition (Facebook and Google) to rapidly scale in a profitable manner.  

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Our Process

Influencer + Celebrity Campaigns

We needed to source relatable content that genuinely appealed to the target consumer. Moreover, we needed video content of real women achieving real results with Perfect Sculpt—and lots of it. To gather all this golden content, we partnered with multiple influencers and celebrities. Our content gave customers the feeling that they were part of our brand’s community. With that, brand loyalty grew exponentially, and so did revenue.

Identify The Ideal Customer

To find the ideal customer for The Perfect Sculpt, we had to take a deep dive into their 470k+ followers on their Instagram business profile. Here, we identified key interests and discussion points that frequently came up in the comments, which we could then identify as a meaningful pattern. We were then able to quantify these discussion points into searchable terms. This research was essential in identifying who The Perfect Sculpt’s ideal customers are.

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$10.18 Million



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