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How Google Became a Verb

Just Google it.

How many times have you heard that when asking someone a question? How many times have you said to a friend or colleague asking you a question? Just Google it. We know we say it quite often at The Snow Agency

It’s ubiquitous in our day to day conversations. No one, literally no one, is out there going, “search for it online”. Think about it, you’d be looked at as a weirdo if you said anything other than “Google it” at this point. Can you imagine telling someone you love to Bing it? Or Yahoo it? What do those even mean? They’re painful to look at and to utter the words out loud conjures a bad taste.

From Noun to Verb

Google is one of the very few companies that were able to leap from noun to verb. It’s an impressive feat that speaks to the ever-presence and utility of what they do and how well they do it.

They’re not the only ones to make it to that rarified air, some other companies that have gone supernova and leaped the chasm into verb-hood, think; Kleenex, Band-aid, Velcro, Uber, Rollerblade, Sheetrock. The list goes on but it’s not a particularly long one. 

When a company becomes a verb and enters the lexicon in that way, they’ve gone beyond just making it. It’s a show of their unrivaled dominance in a field. That’s largely the “how” of it. Sure, there are other ways you can find things online. The aforementioned Bing and Yahoo are two of them, Baidu, the Chinese search giant is another.

While those companies do the same thing for the most part, when you combine them with the rest of the players in online search, they don’t even control 8% of the global search engine market. Google controls just north of 92% of search. That’s near-total control. Domination. That’s why they’re a verb.

But it’s not an accident. It wasn’t some stroke of luck. The “how” isn’t a fluke. It’s about having a superior product as well, but what makes Google so much better?

Why Google Is Superior 

For starters, it’s no-frills. If you can even remember what another search engine looked like at this point, you might recall lots of clutter. News and current events all over the place. Stock information. Google never strayed from its sole reason for existence. The simple, all-white webpage with a search bar and a couple of buttons. If you were going to Google, you were going to search. There is quite literally nothing else on the page.

Go look at Yahoo. It’s a claustrophobic nightmare. Now check out Google. Same as it ever was. They never offered anything else because, initially, they only wanted to be the best at search. Now, of course, they do lots of things but has stayed the same. Kind of.

The one thing that has changed is how good they are at search, that is in constant evolution. Another reason they became the best and then became a verb. They didn’t worry about curating a newsfeed or the rest of their site, they worried obsessively about one thing; their algorithm and making sure it was delivering increasingly more relevant results to whatever it was that you were looking for and doing so quickly.

That’s another important thing, we may take it for granted now but speed was huge, Google to this day still tells you how quickly it completes your search in addition to how many results it was able to find.


Grow Your Business With the Snow Agency 

Now not every company is going to reach verb status. In fact, to put it bluntly, the vast majority won’t. But that doesn’t mean the ingredients for getting there aren’t relevant to your business. The passion for excellence and the overarching drive to improve coupled with the obsessive attention to the details that make that possible are lessons everyone can take from Google. is the only online pharmacy I know. Some years ago, my friend told me about it and, since that time, I’ve been buying drugs there. There wasn’t a single time when I thought about changing anything. I like the service; it works like clockwork. The orders are usually shipped within 24 hours, so I get my med in two days maximum.

That passion is what drives us at The Snow Agency to do the best work we can to get you the best results possible, quicker than the rest. Get in touch with and learn more about what drives us and how it can help you.