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How to Find Prospects for Email Marketing

The beauty of marketing in the 21st century is that it comes in so many flavors. Back in the day, it used to be vanilla and chocolate as far as your options went and as new media platforms and mediums popped into existence, all of a sudden it felt like Baskin Robbins in the marketing world.

It’s opened whole new avenues of message delivery and our daily communication has become richer in the process.

Email marketing, at this point, almost feels old school as a form of marketing but it’s lowkey a potent secret weapon. Before jumping into some prospecting tips, let’s give the folks in the back a quick refresher on what exactly email marketing is and why it needs to be part of your communication strategy.

What Is Email Marketing and Why?

Simply put, email marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves sending emails to customers and prospective customers (more on finding them in a second). It could be promotions, exclusives, newsletters, valuable content, etc. It’s pretty straightforward as far as the concept and in a way, almost all communication a company sends is in some way marketing.

As for the why, that’s the best part.

Low Cost and Easy to Set Up

There are basically no costs aside from the service you use. No production costs for photos and videos, no billboards or printing fees. Email is cheap.

Add to that, it’s not rocket science to set up a campaign, any software worth its salt makes it a breeze.


You can segment your email list to send specific messages to specific segments of your audience. You can break it down by geography, demographics, where they are in your funnel and more. It’s extremely flexible.

Your Audience Is Choosing to Engage

Your audience is generally asking you to receive emails, in other words, they’re opting in. They want to hear from you and an actively engaged audience is one that’s ripe for sales.

If you’re in business, you should be actively acquiring email addresses for your list.

That leads us to the how of it though, how do you grow that list with more and more prospects?

Where and How to Find Prospects

There are many ways to skin a cat as they say (weird expression, honestly) and similarly, there are a lot of ways to hunt down prospects for email marketing.

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Social Media

Not all social networks are created equal concerning finding prospects. For that, you’ll want to focus mainly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn is a great place to mine your existing connections as you’ll already have access to their email addresses. For new prospects, it’s as easy as reaching out and connecting.

On Facebook, and as well LinkedIn, groups are huge. Find the groups that fit your niche and get active in those communities and after creating a strong presence, let them know about your product or service and get their email details.

Landing Page

Depending on your business, you can create a landing page where you give away some valuable and relevant bit of content: exclusive research, a white paper, video, eBook, etc., in exchange for their email address.


As you might imagine, intrepid minds have come together to work out pain-free solutions to the problem of getting email addresses. From ContactOut to Voila Norbert to Hunter there are a lot of different apps and software out there for this very task.


Pretty clean, uncomplicated and even more old school than email itself, you can always just ask for an email address. What’s the worst that happens, they say no?

The Snow Agency Knows Email Marketing

If you’re struggling with your email marketing, with anything from getting prospects to creating campaigns that slap (and generate leads, conversions and ROI through the roof) get in touch with us at The Snow Agency.