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How to Improve the Click Through Rate of Your eCommerce Site

Ahh, the Click Through Rate (CTR), increasing this even incrementally can create massive revenue growth. That golden click-through isn’t quite a conversion but it’s a pertinent and vital threshold to cross en route to a coveted conversion.

Quite frankly, you can almost draw a straight line from click through to conversion. If people aren’t making that leap of clicking through on your ads or email, they’re not getting to your offer. Without dedicating resources to improving and optimizing CTR you’re missing out on a lot of potential converts.

Rest assured though, there are ways to make it happen with the help of The Snow Agency. A campaign with a low click-through rate just is not going to yield the results you’re looking for in the ROI department. 


What does your ad say? Are your emails engaging and captivating? Do they stoke so much curiosity that the viewer has no other choice but to click and see what’s on the other side? If not, you need to step up your copy game to get people to your eComm site.

There are no excuses for bland and uninspired writing nowadays. Writers are a dime a dozen, we get that, but you don’t want a good writer, you want a great writer. These are the investments that move the needle, paying slightly more for text that connects and packs a punch can yield big results on the back end.

Nail the Call to Action (CTA)

This is huge so don’t waste it on “click here for more”. Sure, it’s technically an extension of your copy but it’s so important that we wanted to give it its own section, so you’d be drawn to it. Totally worked.


It happens to you any time you pop on the Gram or Facebook, you scroll right on by dozens of ads when on a bathroom break or waiting for your food to arrive at lunch. It’s standard.

Are people rushing right by your ads too though?

The media you use need to strike a chord. Unfortunately, that chord needs to be struck instantly. If your images and video aren’t grabbing people’s eyeballs, they’re moving on and missing whatever killer offer you’re making over on your website.

Targeting and Segmentation

Who are you getting your ads and emails in front of? Are the people that you know would love your eCommerce site getting the invite to go there? Targeting your campaigns isn’t something to take lightly.

Studying and learning your exact target audience takes longer than a minute or two. Devote the time to researching and creating customer personas.

Once you’ve got that in place, and as you continue to learn more about your audience, segment them so they’re all not getting the same thing. Some need more info than others, to be taken further down the funnel so send what matters to them and what watch the CTR fly.

What Is a Good Click-Through Rate?

Great question.

It varies.

For Google AdWords, the average CTR is 1.91% on search and .35% on display ads. Facebook Ad average CTR is .5% to 1.6%.  And email campaigns have an average CTR of 2.5%.

Those are averages so good is better than that…naturally.

Why the Best CTR Is Important for Ecommerce

The numbers vary by industry but as you see, they aren’t exactly barn burning figures. Nonetheless, focusing on getting the best CTR for your eCommerce outfit can translate to big numbers depending on the scope of your campaign and how well you target.

Remember, click-through leads to conversion and the more people you can get to your store, the more sales you stand to make. 2% of something is still 100% more than nothing.

If your CTR is giving you the blues, hit us up at The Snow Agency and we’ll deliver the clicks.