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Simple and Effective Ways of Increasing Your Facebook Ads CTR

Understanding the CTR or click-through-rate of your Facebook ads is the best metric for assessing the performance of your marketing strategy. Knowing the exact percentages of those click-through-rates will provide a great indicator as to whether you’re targeting the right audience.

As Facebook Ads are becoming exponentially more expensive, the importance of optimizing your ads for higher click-through and conversion rates is increasing as well.

Here are a few recommendations designed to help you increase engagement, drive more traffic, improve your Facebook Ads CTR at a lower cost…

1. Refine Your Audience

Increasing your CTR through audience refining means removing users who are least likely to click your advert. You want to start by narrowing your marketing outreach to a specific segment. For example, if you’re selling digital language learning courses, you don’t want to target a broad audience to promote your entire catalog. By focusing specifically on individuals from Spanish speaking countries, for instance, you’ll more effectively promote your service. The tighter your targeting and the more defined your target audience, the easier it becomes to create ads with a high clickthrough rate.

2. Create Eye-Catching News Feeds

News Feed ads appear above and below people’s photos and status updates on Facebook. This allows them to stand out much more effectively compared to sidebar ads, which appear in a section of the page reserved exclusively for advertising and notifications. To reap all the advantages of using News Feeds, make sure to utilize images that look and feel natural as opposed to generic stock photos. Stock photos tend to blend in with other content most users see on Facebook and will likely not attract much attention. Replace these typical photos with an eye-catching, “real” image that are easily recognizable and will communicate your message concisely.

These ads, for example, use bright colors to immediately catch the viewers attention.

3. Speak directly to your audience

Of these two statements, the majority will agree that the second one stands out as more engaging and personal. Replacing “people” with “you” allows you to speak to your audience more directly and with more relevancy. This is the difference between an ad that talks about something and an ad that talks directly to a specific audience. With this example, instead of visualizing someone else relaxing on the beach or enjoying the French Riviera, you visualize yourself doing what the ad describes. The more your ad speaks directly to its target audience, the stronger the response it’s likely to receive.

4. Add Urgency

Push your prospects to take action. Adding limitation or urgency in your offer can lead to instant action on their part. Try incorporating some of these words to drive more engagement:

5. A/B test at least five ads

Before you consider any ad campaign a success, it’s essential that you test a variety of different images to find the top performer. Start your campaign by A/B testing at least five different images. Preferably, you want to begin by choosing images that are vastly different from one another to gain a better understanding of your target audience and their responses. Once you find the winning image, start testing a variety of headlines and ad copies to learn which combination is the most effective. This helps you avoid spending money on ads that aren’t producing optimal results.

Over time, you’ll create a campaign that separates you from your competitors, lets you generate more results, more leads and more sales at a lower average cost.