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Email Copywriter
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Email Copywriter - Remote

The last step of The Snow Agency’s application process is our skill test assessment.

For this skill test, you will write ad copy for an Email Brief. 

Complete the skill test to the best of your ability.

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For this skill test, you will be writing copy for an email campaign. 

Purpose: To offer Saranghae subscribers useful information/products that can help them combat the winter weather and dry skin!

Theme: Winter weather

Segment: Master

Audience: Middle & upper class women interested in preventing or treating signs of aging

PRIMARY | Copy direction: Dry skin, who? Saranghae is your winter weather ally!

SECONDARY | Copy Direction: Meet your skin-saving ingredients!

Featured Product:

Subheader | Niacinamide (2%)

Subheader | Evening Primrose Oil

Subheader | Argan Oil

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