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Market Research Assistant
Skills Test

The last step of The Snow Agency’s application process is our skill test assessment.
For this skill test you will make a copy of the provided spreadsheet, save it to your Google Drive, and fill it out based on the instructions provided in the next section.

Let's get started...


We have scraped several reviews from amazon for three different products:

Men’s skincare product

Kid’s Vitamin

Consumable tea for women

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Make a copy of the spreadsheet below and save it to your drive.

Update the name of the spreadsheet.

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Each review has been added to the spreadsheet in “Column A”. The best parts of the review have been extracted to “Column B”. 

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As you can see, some reviews have several “best parts”. Use “Column C” to assign the “best part of the review” a topic. 

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Each “best part” of the review may require a different topic. When you need to create a new topic, go to the sheet labeled “index” and add new topics. 

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On the index, each column represents a different product as explained in this image:

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Use “Column D” to assign each “best part of the review” a “Review Category”. Descriptions for each category have a description in parentheses to explain what they mean. 

When completed with the skill test, share your Google Sheet with the following email addresses:

After sharing, put the link in the form below and submit.

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