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Marketing Reporting
Specialist Assessment

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Report Building Skills Test

The last step of The Snow Agency’s application process is our skill test assessment.

In this role you will be building reports using Google DataStudio

For this skill test, you will be creating a sample report based on a template.
(Very similar process to the reports you will be building).

Complete the skill test, and when finished, upload the requested files.

Please give this your full attention.

let's get started...

Start Test

1. Create a Google DataStudio report using the “Acme Marketing” template and “[sample] google analytics data”.

2. Rename the report to “2.0 | The Snow Agency Report”.

3. Add our logo to the report.

Download Logo
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

1. In DataStudio, go to “Resources > Manage added data sources”.

2. Open the “[sample] Google Analytics Data” by clicking the icon in the name.

3. Copy the data source, and call the new data source “2.0 | The Snow Agency Copy”.

4. Take a screenshot at this page, before saving the new datasource, and upload the screenshot here.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

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