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The Last Step

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Editor Skills Test

the last step

Video Editing Skills Test

The last step of The Snow Agency’s application process is our skill test assessment.

In this role, you will be providing client correspondence via our helpdesk system, HappyFox.

For this skill test, we will provide you with a simulated helpdesk ticket that provides information.
(The same format clients will submit information for each edit request).

Complete the edit to the best of your ability, and when finished, upload the final .mp4, png, and or jpeg file(s) via the form at the bottom of this page.

More than anything, we want to see the why behind your creation: (why did you choose the text you did, why is that the color scheme, what made you choose your text placement, font choice, why do you think this ad will sell) 

Please give this your full attention.

New Video Edit Request

Business Name:


Product Webpage:

Unique Selling Proposition or Special Offer?

Sweat 3x more. SALE Up to 50% off.

What Channel(s) is
This Edit for?


Product Promoted:

Sweat Vest

Target Audience

Women Ages 25-35

Men Ages 25-35

Link to Creative Assets/Library


Sweat Vest Creative Edit


Attached are new clips of people working out wearing our sweat vest as well as raw still image photos in the vest. Please make a creative that you think would be ideal for Facebook and Instagram Advertisement. Types of content can include:

  • 15 second IG Story Ad
  • Gif/ Animation
  • Image/Picture Ad
  • 30 Second Insider Style Video

Main selling points of our product:

  • Enhances circulation and sweating.
  • Targets fat loss and undesirable water weight removal.
  • Combats muscle fatigue while enhancing muscle activity.
  • Delivers therapeutic effect to ailing muscles.
  • Increases motivation and energy during physical activity.
  • Stimulates sweat glands, thus releasing built up toxins from your body.

Aspect Ratio – 4:5

Final Export – .mp4, png, jpeg

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