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Hollywood Hair bar


Hollywood Hair Bar had been building their customer and fan base organically for a year without doing any paid ads. She came to THE SNOW AGENCY to help turn her large fan base on social media from followers into customers, as well as build a sustainable customer acquisition method so she didn’t have to completely rely on influencers. Moreover, the website was far below industry standards for conversion rate due to the user experience on site.


With minimal creative assets, no pixel installed on the website, and a hard to navigate website we knew we would have to approach this very strategically in order to portray the unique value of this product. After installing the pixel on the website, we were able to make custom website audiences and lookalikes based on events triggered on the website. We started by retargeting anyone who engaged with her instagram or visited her website and saw outstanding results, we then made lookalikes based off of these audiences and began to prospect customers who had similar characteristics. Our first week of testing we saw EXPLOSIVE results and we were able to quickly identify our ideal market as well as what content & ad copy resonated best with them. These insights allowed us to curate the appropriate content to portray her unique value as well as the adjustments that needed to be made to the website to improve conversion rate.

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SnapChat Highlights Hollywood Hair Bar Massive Success

Hollywood Hair Bar sells a full line of all-natural hair growth products. Leveraging user generated video testimonials as part of their ad strategy on Snapchat, Hollywood Hair Bar was able to connect with their target audience to boost brand awareness and drive online sales.

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Our Process
Develop the Ideal Customer Profile

In order to find the ideal customer for Hollywood Hair Bar we had to take a deep dive into the 120k+ followers on her instagram business profile. Here, we identified key interests and discussion points that frequently came up in the comments which we were then able to identify as being a meaningful pattern. We were then able to quantify these discussion points into searchable terms. This was essential in identifying who Hollywood Hair Bars ideal customers are.

Bring in New Customers

In order to prospect, new customers, we needed an engaging video that would resonate well with her audience. Once we defined her ideal customer in our retargeting funnels we were able to generate content that highlighted the unique value of her product. We then used this data from our retargeting funnels to make lookalike audiences similar to the characteristics of her already existing customer base as well as identifying cold interests that represented her audiences. 

Increase Website User Experience

Hollywood Hair Bar had a website that was hard to navigate and cluttered with content. With our expertise and agency partnerships, we were able to design a brand new theme for her site that portrays the experiences she wants her customers to have as well as the marketing abilities needed to scale her account. In addition to the edits that we made to the website, we also built a very informational and engaging landing page to drive traffic to, this included a full description of the product, how to use it and the results that real people saw while using it.

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