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The 10 Ways a Google Ads Agency Should Grow Your Business

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Another day, another Google search. What if your company was at the top of the list? With about 40,000 searches processed every second, advertising on Google is a good investment. Getting your ads on Google should be a priority, but it’s not the simplest process. So how can you start and gain profits as soon as possible? Working with a Google Ads agency is the best way to achieve this and more.

Why Use Google Ads?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know the power of Google. How does that power translate into advertising? Here are several reasons why Google is one of the most effective advertising platforms out there:

  • Reach: Google’s reach is almost hard to fathom, with an average of over five billion searches per day, equaling over two trillion searches per year. Google enjoys a type of internet hegemony not commonly seen in this day and age, being the search engine with 90% of all internet searches. Think about it on a personal level – how many times a day do you Google something? Probably at least once. Your customers are likely also searching for answers on Google – answers your company could provide to them. You can reach the top of the search results list by utilizing Google Ads.
  • Targeting: Google is more than a search engine. It maintains a dominant virtual presence with several different arms, all able to reach, gather, and process large amounts of data on its users. Google Ads lets you use all this information to your advantage and reach people you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach with your content. Google can target users based on a variety of factors, including demographics, life events, affinity groups, and more.
  • Intent: Google Ads differ from other social media advertising options because of intent. When people are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, they aren’t actively searching for something — they are trying to keep up with their friends. It’s easy for people to simply tune out ads on social media because it’s not what they’re looking for. On Google, people are actively looking for products, solutions, and answers that you can provide them by promoting your company. When you advertise on Google, you help people rather than annoying them — which is a common occurrence on other platforms.
  • Affordability: While the cost of advertising on Google varies depending on a whole host of different factors, it is relatively affordable and accessible for smaller and newer businesses with more modest advertising budgets. Depending on the industry, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1 to $3 per click, according to Word Stream. Google has a high return on investment (ROI) since you only pay per click; the average ROI is $8 for every $1 spent on advertising. Because of this, you know you’re getting results.
  • Analytics: Google can help you translate all the information it gathers into easy-to-understand metrics and insights. You can use these to benefit and grow your business. After launching a campaign, you can easily view valuable information about your results, including clicks, impressions, budget, customer behavior, and more. Based on this information, you can adjust your campaign if necessary to improve performance. Without this information, you could end up wasting money on an uninspiring and ineffective campaign.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Figuring out how to use Google Ads can be confusing if you’re new to the game. There are two main factors that determine your ad’s placement: specific keyword bidding and quality score, combined in the formula “Cost per click (CPC) bid x Quality Score (QS) = Ad Rank.”

The first factor is your CPC bid, which is essentially how much you’re willing to spend per click on a specific keyword. Next, Google determines the quality score by a variety of factors, including your click-through rate (CTR), keyword relevance, landing page quality, landing page relevance, ad text relevance, and historical account performance.

Let’s say that your maximum bid is $5 per click and you have a quality score of 8  – your ad rank will be 40. Based on the ad ranks of your competitors, Google Ads will determine the winner of that coveted top advertising spot, which is where your ad actually shows up on the page.

While the bidding system may seem impossible to win if you aren’t willing to bid tons of money on clicks, that’s not necessarily the case. The combination of CPC bid amount and QC score allows smaller businesses to better compete with larger ones if they have quality ads. For this reason, it’s especially important to focus on the quality score of your Google Ads to save you money and get you more views.

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Why Use a Google Ads Agency?

It’s possible to create effective Google Ads without spending all your time bidding on keywords and creating high QS content. Using a Google Ads agency could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Agencies have experts who know this system inside and out, which is likely both more cost-effective and more efficient than trying to manage it all yourself, especially when you have lots of other responsibilities to manage.

Being a business owner comes with seemingly endless responsibilities. You already have to be a jack of all trades. Do you really have time to add “Google advertising expert” to that list? With a process as intensive as Google Ads, your time could be better spent in other areas, like sales, development, and hiring, while leaving your Google advertising to the experts.

What to Look for in a Google Ads Agency

While working with a Google Ads agency could be beneficial to your business, it’s important to note that not all Google Ads agencies are created equal. So how can you sort through the deluge of agencies and find one that will work for you?

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Look for a Google Ads agency that understands you, your business, and your goals. After growing our own brands using the power of social media, we founded The Snow Agency as a full-service digital marketing agency. As a result, we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes and are committed to sharing our expertise so you can achieve your goals. That’s why we believe working with us is preferable to using a huge, impersonal agency with no idea what it’s like to be a small business.

A great Google Ads agency is dedicated to customer service. Your ad agency should be a responsive partner, not some nameless, faceless entity you send a check to every month. We have tons of positive customer reviews and testimonials about the level of customer service received.

Find a Google Ads agency that can also handle more. Google Ads is a great way to grow your business, but it shouldn’t be the only platform you’re utilizing. We advise business owners to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that involves several different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more. Handing all of those on your own is likely not a realistic option — which is where a full-service digital marketing agency comes into play.

We are knowledgeable about all of these different platforms and can help you develop an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy that essentially ensures growth and future success.

10 Things a Google Ads Agency Should Do for You

Benefits of Google Ads Agency - The Snow Agency

Here’s what you should expect when you hand your Google Ads services over to a partner:

  1. Strategizing: iscuss the ins and outs of your business from the first call, highlighting your goals and struggles to help your agency build an effective ad strategy.
  2. Targeting: Determine your target groups based on information like demographics, location, and interest groups. An ad isn’t as impactful if it’s not shown to an audience who’s interested in it.
  3. Content creation: Captivating content creation and copywriting is essential to standing out amongst a sea of competitors. Your value, call to action, and basic information all need to be clear in just a few lines.
  4. Pay per click: Efficient strategy and compelling content are key to keeping your PPC approach profitable. Doing this right can provide both a huge return on investment as well as an increase in brand reach.
  5. Remarketing: Targeting people who have previously visited your site is a surefire way to increase lifetime value while increasing the likelihood of purchase if the user hasn’t already bought from your store.
  6. Search & display network: To boost brand awareness and recognition, expand beyond PPC ads and explore  search and display advertisements.Google shopping: Boost your sales through Google shopping by using optimized product data that fits seamlessly into Google’s algorithms.
  7. Testing:  Before your campaign goes live, test all your content for effectiveness.Maximizing your advertising budget should prevent this issue.
  8. Monitoring: To ensure your campaign is effective, monitor its progress consistently post-launch.With diligent monitoring, your ad agency can proactively take steps to fix these issues and push your campaign back on track.
  9. Reporting: Stay updated throughout the entire process by requesting campaign status reports from your agency. Ideally, you’ll never be in the dark and you’ll always have peace of mind that your money is well-spent.

Final Thoughts on Google Ads

Figuring out the Google Ads bidding and ranking process can be difficult. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid the platform altogether, as you’d be missing out on a ton of potential business. Instead, by working with a Google Ads agency to create, place, and monitor your campaigns on this platform, you’re making your life easier and growing your business in the process.


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