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How to Advertise on Snapchat

Marketers are spending big on social media. With worldwide revenue over $90 billion, that’s undeniable. Facebook is obviously a must, that’s basically everyone’s baseline in their social media ad spend. It’s no longer a case of are you advertising on FB though, it’s more like “Facebook and where?”.

That becomes the crucial question to answer for every business.

The networks are all unique with different demographics and ways in which they operate and engage their users but if your company is geared towards Gen Z and/or Millennials and you’re not on Snapchat…that’s likely a problem. Snap is where the youngins are.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat aka Snap is all about the ephemeralness. It’s fleeting in nature and started that trend of messages self-deleting/expiring within 24 hours. It was essentially Instagram Stories before there was an Instagram Stories. It has since morphed to include a lot more features that are typical of other platforms, like Discovery, which is more or less a news feed, and dove much deeper into the world of augmented reality (AR). They even came out with some hardware in the form of glasses: Snapchat Spectacles.

So, for all intents and purposes, Snapchat is that new new. Well, kind of. It’s been around for a bit now and is probably getting old enough (and by that we mean large enough) to sit at the adult’s table with Facebook, Twitter, IG and YouTube. Given the roughly 210 million daily active users, it will certainly become increasingly more relevant to a well-rounded social media campaign.

But these days it’s still sitting at a lowly .8% of ad spend. That presents a big opportunity to tap into an audience that isn’t getting overwhelmed by ads like they are on all the other platforms. It’s an open secret that only about 28% of US marketers were tapping into in 2018.

Snap is also making advertising more and more appealing as they grow, not just from the size of the audience but with the tools themselves.

Why Should I Advertise on Snapchat?

We’d be remiss to not say it again, if you’re targeting the young guns, the Gen Zers and Millennials of the world, you need to consider getting into the mix on Snap. Young adults between 18 and 24 make up 78% of the active users and since the autumn of 2016 when it overtook the other platforms, Snapchat has remained the most popular social network for teens in the United States. Even increasing that margin over the years.

As they’ve grown and matured, Snap has started developing its own content to hook users with more value, and you know what? It’s working with their slate of shows featuring big names like Will Smith garnering 10’s of millions of views. They’re diving deeper into the strategy with partnerships with major networks like ESPN and NBCUniversal.

Dedicated viewership makes for a big appeal to advertisers, especially when you consider they rolled out a new premium ad option called “First Commercial”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. But better. It allows marketers and brands to buy the first commercial on a show. That means everyone will see it, all viewers of that show for 24 hours. And the best part? It’s unskippable.

Pretty damn premium.

Advertise on Snapchat With the Snow Agency

Snapchat is working hard to cover all bases and budgets. Clearly, the ads require a big spend as they’ll be seen by millions of people, but Snap understands that’s not in the wheelhouse of all companies. With robust targeting tools and compelling AR tech to toy with the standard advertising and access to a still largely untapped younger audience is well worth the investment. Get in touch with us at The Snow Agency and we’ll help you get a better grip on what the platform can do for you.