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How to Make the Best Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a lost art. On second thought, it’s more like a never-found art because it’s often overlooked for those flashier campaigns. Marketing on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. You get it. You may have even been there yourself when having to make the call on how to best allocate your ad spend.

Email is very much not the sexiest thing, when you have a free moment you spend it scrolling through email…or something else? Don’t say it, we know. It’s understandable.

But email marketing is mega low cost and it’s messaging directed at the people literally asking for you to engage with them. They signed up for your email list after all. C’mon, that’s a potential goldmine!

So if you’re running these campaigns, how can you make the best email marketing campaigns? Make them count! Keep reading to find out The Snow Agencies’ best email marketing campaign tips: 

The Best Email Content for Marketing 

Make It Personal

This is huge. No one likes feeling like a number or a cog in the marketing machine. This seems like something that would take a while to personalize, no? Incorrect, most mass email platforms let you customize and personalize every part of your email, name included. 

Listen, we all know what’s going on with marketing emails, we all understand the email wasn’t legitimately written directly to us. We know that. Getting an email with a generic header, without your name, just reeks of not caring. If you won’t go to the effort to address me by name, why bother reading the rest of the email. That’s the mindset you have and therefore it’s certainly the mindset the recipient of your email will have.

If you can manage a quick personal anecdote or story, to create that human touch, even better.

To make the best email marketing campaign – Make those things personal!

Keep It Short

Have you made it this far in the blog? You’re still here? Phew, ok, here’s another important tip; keep it short and sweet. If the email is too long, people simply won’t read it. Too much text is a turnoff. The last thing anyone wants to see when they open an email from your company is an enormous block of text the size of the Empire State Building.

Instant delete.

Don’t be that brand. Keep it tight and to the point. Don’t skimp on the message though, don’t cut that part. You need to deliver value with brevity and get to your call to action with as few speed bumps as possible.

Pro-tip; the sweet spot for word count according to an exhaustive study by Boomerang is between 50-125 words.

Check It (Before You Wreck It)

Double, triple check before you send it out. Please. The best email marketing campaigns have zeo typos. This is so easy but you’d be surprised how often it gets overlooked. Spell check it and use Grammarly to make sure everything is copacetic and cool with the writing.

Above all, make sure you’re checking and testing the software you’re using so you don’t end up sending an email that says “Hey There {First Name}” to your entire list. It breaks rule number 1 that we mentioned above and, oddly enough, just does not leave a good impression on the receiver aka your potential client or customer.

Make It Mobile Friendly

While you may still check most of your email from your desk an astounding 46% of all email opens are from mobile. Given that, you’re going to make sure you’ve optimized your message for mobile since there’s roughly a 50% chance that that’s where your people are going to open it.

The Best Email Marketing Campaigns With the Snow Agency

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all the marketing avenues you can choose from. Not tapping into and leveraging it properly means you’re leaving money on the table. If your email marketing can use a reboot and a revitalization, reach out to us because at The Snow Agency we don’t leave money on the table.