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Best Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Take Down Your Competition

Use Facebook Ads to Take Down Your Competition: The Complete Guide

Odds are your competitors are already advertising on Facebook, so you might be considering it too. Figuring out this realm on your own can be confusing and overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch. If you aren’t sure how to take advantage of this platform, The Snow Agency is here to help. We’ve helped over 70 clients stand out within crowded industries by leveraging the power of Facebook — and we can help you succeed too.

Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook Ads Agency - The Snow Agency

Facebook ads are potentially one of the best ways to take down your competition. Here are some of the main benefits of advertising on Facebook and powerful statistics that speak for themselves:

  • Reach: Perhaps the most significant benefit of advertising on Facebook comes down to reach. You want to advertise where your customers are, and with over 2.7 billion monthly active users, they’re probably on Facebook. But Facebook doesn’t just have numbers, it also has engagement, with 73% of users logging in daily and an average daily use time of 38 minutes, according to Statista.
  • Variety: Facebook has tons of different advertising options to fit your business and your advertising objectives. There are simple ad solutions that don’t involve using Facebook’s Ad Manager, as well as advanced ad solutions where you can create, customize, and place your content.
  • Affordability: Many people assume they can’t afford to advertise on such a huge platform like Facebook. Multiple types of ads are very affordable, even for smaller or newer businesses with limited marketing budgets. According to WebFX, the average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook is $0.97, and the average cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is $7.19. Facebook also allows you to set a budget for your campaign ahead of time, so you don’t end up spending more than you wanted to.
  • Specificity: Your advertising won’t succeed if your content isn’t reaching the right people. With Facebook ads, it’s easy to reach your target group with your content, making it more likely to appeal to them. Facebook allows you to target specific groups of people to view your advertisements based on their user data. Targeting is one of the best ways to increase your return on investment (ROI) and will be covered more in-depth later on.
  • Measurability: The last benefit of using Facebook ads is measurability. Facebook ads provide you with valuable insights into campaigns as they’re running. With these insights, you can ensure your ads have their desired effect. If an ad isn’t getting the results you wanted, you’ll notice and take steps to adjust it so you don’t waste more money on an ineffective ad.

Different Types of Facebook Ads to Know About

Types of Facebook Ads - The Snow Agency

After reading about all those benefits, hopefully you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook. Launching ads on Facebook isn’t something you should do impulsively. Be strategic and smart about getting your money’s worth, as many different factors go into a successful Facebook ad campaign. One of the first factors to be aware of relates to the type of advertisements you choose, as Facebook offers several different formats.

Here are some of the different types of Facebook ads to know about to choose the best ones for your brand:

  • Facebook Image Ads: This type of ad is great for beginners as it’s relatively easy to create and post. It consists of an image, headline, ad copy text, and link description. Image ads need to have a strong call to action that typically links back to your website. Image ads need to be eye-catching and well-written, so take care when choosing a photo, writing the ad copy, and launching. Think about all the different images people scroll past on their feeds every day – what will make yours stand out? Once you have the right image and text, make sure they are the right format, size, and resolution to meet Facebook’s requirements.
  • Facebook Video Ads: Video ads require a bit more work, but can also come with a huge reward. Video ads are a great way to stand out amongst the less exciting image ads used by your competition. By appealing to more senses through sight and sound, you can increase the likelihood a user will stop scrolling to view your video. We recommend keeping Facebook video ads 15 seconds or less, so it’s essential your ad is clear and convincing in a short amount of time.
  • Facebook Carousel Ads: Promote more products, offers, and information with carousel ads. You can include up to 10 different images or videos, each with its own link. This is a great way to ensure that your content will appeal to more users. A clothing company can include images of 10 different shirts on a carousel ad, and with the right targeting, at least one of those shirts will appeal to the viewer.
  • Facebook Collection Ads: Collection and carousel ads both feature multiple products, but collection ads have the advantage of viewing and browsing multiple items at once. It offers a user-friendly platform for people to discover, browse, and purchase products from within the app. This type of ad consists of a headline and a cover image with multiple products shown beneath.
  • Facebook Post Boosts: These ads take one of your existing Facebook posts and “boost” it so it shows up on more users’ feeds. This is a great way to cross-utilize your posts that have performed well in the past. Since a post boost looks like a regular post and not an ad, it also allows your brand to fit seamlessly into users’ Facebook feeds.

How to Effectively Target on Facebook

Facebook Targeting- The Snow Agency

We’ve mentioned targeting several times as a benefit of using Facebook advertising. And while targeting can be an effective way to take down your competition, that’s only true if you know how to use it.

Here’s what to know about effective targeting mechanisms through Facebook ads:

  • Demographic targeting: Start narrowing down your potential audience with demographic targeting. You can choose to target people based on their age, gender, and language. Going a step further, you can target people based on education level, generation, political affiliations, and more.
  • Location targeting: This type of targeting allows you to target people based on their geographical location. Location targeting is a beneficial option for brick-and-mortar businesses that are looking to gain business in specific cities.
  • Interest targeting: With interest targeting, you can narrow down more than 2.7 billion Facebook users by their interests, such as fashion, food, entertainment, fitness, business, and so on.
  • Behavior targeting: You can also target people based on specific actions they have taken, like a purchase they have made. Behavior targeting also allows you to target people based on events they’ve gone to, the research they’re doing, or apps they use.
  • Connections targeting: To start building real relationships and rapport with your online community, you can target people who have previously engaged with your Facebook page or events.
  • Lookalike audiences: By analyzing details about people who are currently engaged with your business online, you can create a “lookalike audience” with similar traits. This increases the likelihood that your content and products will appeal to the people you’re targeting.

Facebook Ads Best Practices for the Best Results

Facebook Ads Best Practice- The Snow Agency

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to put it all together to create a killer ad campaign that will take down your competition. Here are the final steps to mastering Facebook ads and running your competition out of business:

  • Know your target audience: Successful targeting requires already knowing a lot about your ideal customer. The best way to determine this is to create a customer persona. This profile goes beyond the basic demographic indicators and creates a realistic person with likes, dislikes, desires, motivations, and more.
  • Know your advertising objectives: Most people assume the only advertising objective is sales, but that’s not the case. There are several different objectives when it comes to advertising, including awareness, consideration, and conversions. Set an objective and always keep it in mind as you’re going through the process of creating your ad campaign.
  • Focus on your copywriting: The key to a successful ad is strong copywriting. Visual components are important, but you’re calling users to action through words. The writing should be clear and concise while providing value and incentive. Be creative and use words that provoke emotion and enthusiasm. All of these components contribute to a strong call to action that will leave viewers wanting to act.
  • Monitor your metrics and results: Once your campaign has launched, it’s crucial to continually monitor your campaign to ensure it’s effective. Facebook provides a ton of data and insight about your campaign, so use this to your advantage to identify potential issues, make tweaks, and achieve better results.

Using an Agency to Take Down Your Competition

There’s a lot of work involved in using Facebook ads successfully, thereby allowing you to take down your competition. As a business owner, you already have a ton of work on your plate. Can you really add social media marketing to a list that already includes development, client relations, sales, staffing, and more? The good news is you don’t have to worry about any of this when you work with The Snow Agency.

We specialize in Facebook marketing and can get you great results on this huge platform. First, we help you determine the overall goal of your campaign. Next, we help you figure out who your target audience is and develop the best possible ways to access this group of people. From there, we create campaign content that’s eye-catching and creative, yet informative and professional. We launch and monitor the campaign along the way, making any necessary adjustments for the best results.

We’ve helped tons of clients grow and scale their businesses. One of our clients, Che Natural, experienced a 260% increase in return on ad spending, a 555% increase in sales, and an 801% increase in online sessions after only 60 days. And these numbers aren’t anomalies either – they are one of many examples of how we have helped our clients achieve their dreams.

We’re experts in Facebook marketing because we have been there and done it ourselves. Now, we are devoted to helping other companies enjoy the same success.

Wrap Up

While it’s tempting to use Facebook ads right away to compete with the big guys, it’s probably better to take a more strategic and measured approach. With the right research, due diligence, and follow-through, you’ll end up with an effective Facebook ad campaign that takes down your competition. And if you run into issues along the way or become overwhelmed by the intricacies of Facebook advertising, you can always reach out to The Snow Agency for a free consultation.


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