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Why You Need Facebook Paid Advertising

What are the chances that any of the following are true?

  • You were on Facebook before you started reading this blog.
  • You’ll go to Facebook after reading this blog since we mentioned it.
  • You have Facebook open in a tab right now or it’s on the home screen of your phone for easy access.

Pretty good chance one of those is accurate?

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media app and it’s an advertising powerhouse. If any of the above were true for you, and if not for you then certainly you can think of 2, 3 or 500 people it would be on point for, then you already intuitively understand the importance of Facebook paid advertising.

Being on the platform means being exposed to ads, it’s that simple, so if your company isn’t using paid ads, you’re missing a big opportunity.

How big?

Big big.

Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users and 1.62 billion daily users.

Your target audience is there and with organic reach not being nearly what it used to be; paid Facebook advertisements need to become your best friend. And fast. The Snow Agency can definitely help you out with this!

Facebook Paid Advertising Explained

A lot of folks claim to have the market cornered on the “secret” of Facebook paid advertising success. That they’ve uncovered some hidden truth that unlocks vast riches. We think the basis of a great campaign is truly, really, deeply understanding who your audience is, creating ads that speak to them & connect with them and, most importantly, nailing the targeting. The downfall of any advertising is missing the mark with your aiming your communication.

That said, that’s not what this little explainer is about, this is all about the 30,000-foot view of paid advertising on Facebook.

On a basic level, it’s just paying to place a promotion in front of your selected target audience on Facebook. Pretty simple and not very overwhelming when you consider it in those terms.

Once you’ve locked in your audience, you need to consider the objectives of your ad campaign, it sales, leads, email addresses, etc? That informs how you design and write the ad.

Creating the copy and getting the images or video correct is a huge part of the equation and we can go on and on about what goes into that. The psychology at play and what not but the takeaway is that your content and call to action matter in Facebook advertising. May be stating the obvious but it needs to be said.

How Paid Advertising Will Benefit Your Business 

Paid advertising will benefit you because of the simple fact that organic reach has been in precipitous decline over the years and there’s absolutely no indication that it’s coming back to its previous levels. Put another way, if you’re not paying, you’re not reaching as wide of an audience as you’d like or need. Right or wrong, fortunately or unfortunately, that’s just the way it is on Facebook now.

The benefits are beyond just reach though. Paid ads on Facebook are actually pretty easy to set up, highly customizable and can generate results very quickly. Paid advertising means you’re selecting and targeting the exact audience you want to see your offer and Facebook offers some very refined tools to get that just right.

Additionally, there’s the conversion rate, across all industries the conversion rate for Facebook ads is 9.21%. Pretty significant number indeed.

Contact Us Today at the Snow Agency

If paid advertising isn’t something you’ve dove into because of the fear of getting it wrong and possibly wasting money, it’s understandable. It can seem like a lot when getting started and that can lead to a bit of analysis paralysis. Don’t let that affect your business though, give us a call at The Snow Agency and we’ll hold your hand, guiding you through the paid advertising process. You certainly won’t regret it.