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Cry baby


After building up a strong social media following via a combination of influencers and theme pages, Cry Baby was looking for a new way to acquire customers and grow the brand. Moreover, due to the plethora of responsibilities it takes to operate a new business, the Cry Baby team did not have the time to add Facebook and Google ads to their daily responsibilities.


We needed to prepare Cry Baby to scale. Our first priority was working to improve their on-site conversion rate.

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Our Process

Website Audit

After a website audit, we discovered why the conversion rate was so low. The percentage of customers checking out had a significant drop-off from the percentage of those adding to their cart. Identifying when exactly interest was dropping allowed us to strengthen that step in the funnel accordingly.

Split Testing

To prospect new customers, we needed engaging video content that would resonate well with Cry Baby’s audience. Once we defined the ideal customer in our retargeting funnel, we were able to generate content that highlighted the product’s unique value. We then used this data from our retargeting funnel to make lookalike audiences similar to their existing customer base and identify cold interests that represented their audiences.

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After 90 Days Working with The Snow Agency


Increase in Website Visitors
+ 0 %
New Facebook Followers
+ 0 K
Increase in Conversions
+ 0 %
Increase in Revenue
+ 0 %
“Working with the Snow team has been great. Their customer service is extremely responsive, they pay very close attention to detail and they definitely know what they are doing! One of our favorite parts about working with them is that they own and operate their own ecommerce stores, so they understand the struggles and pain points of running a business”
Cory Muroff
founder, Cry Baby

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