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GOAT Cases


Trendy new phone case company had a great idea & needed help getting it to market and cater to “millennial” generation. With limited presence online, they needed a super boost to capture the hearts and minds of their target audience.


Implement explosive influencer campaign via micro-influencers & celebrities on various social media platforms. Utilize the influencer posts to gain a loyal, engaged following on social media. Gain traction & momentum in the market just prior to the beginning of holiday season

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Our Process

Viral Influencer Campaigns


  • ~$6M in revenue in first 6 months
  • Gained over 800k followers on Instagram in <6mo
    • Put in perspective: Otterbox only has 101k followers and has existed twice as long on social media
  • Widely considered to be one of the most explosive social media influencer campaigns that Instagram has ever seen.



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After 6 Months of Working with The Snow Agency


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Increase in Total Sales
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Increase in Store Sessions

~$6M in revenue in first 6 months

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