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Cute Projectors


Cute Projector is a portable, mini projector shop that came to The Snow Agency days before Black Friday because they were struggling with their revenue. After relying on organic traffic and influencer traffic to drive revenue and brand awareness, they realized it was not sustainable to rely on this as their main traffic source.They needed paid acquisition channels in place that would be able to deliver consistent revenues.


In the 45 days prior to joining The Snow Agency, Cute Projector had generated only $20,000 in revenue with a less than a 1% conversion rate. Our marketing team was tasked with developing their content strategies for paid social, developing a customer profile, and optimizing all aspects of ad delivery in time for the holiday sale. Working with a limited budget and high expectations, we were able to analyze the data we received and direct the creation of targeted content to use with each specific campaign. In addition to honing in on our target demographic, we also directed a large amount of ad spend to the placements that were most profitable with placement-specific content

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Our Process

Develop the Ideal Customer Profile

Prior marketing efforts appeared to take a mass-appeal approach, rather than utilizing the data they had gathered to focus on their most profitable demographic. After analyzing old and new results, we determined the most profitable audience was women over 30–most of which with children. Working under this conclusion, we quickly made video and image content geared towards women looking to buy something for their children that could be enjoyed as a family. We also created specific children and holiday-themed landing pages optimized for the customer experience. After repurposing old creatives that struggled to gain traction, we changed the angle of their advertising and results were generated so quickly that we were able to scale our budget significantly.

Creative Content Development

As previously mentioned, we were able to use pre-developed creatives and make them profitable again simply by changing the way we presented them. By focusing on concepts like “making memories,” and “family fun” rather than framing it as a television replacement, we rapidly increased sales, as well as average order value. Once we had made enough in revenue to test, we guided Cute Projector on other potential customer personas and assisted in creating videos to appeal to different customers and expand our market for revenue.

Optimize User Experience

Before joining The Snow Agency, Cute Projector was struggling with low conversion rate and average order value. We suggested that they increase their price to improve their margins, and offer bundles on the landing pages created, which would encourage higher conversion amounts. In the first 45 days working with The Snow Agency, we were able to increase their conversion rate by 32% and their average order value by 41%. With all of the suggestions we implemented, we also improved their total orders over a 45-day period by 1,687%.

Properly Segment Retargeting Audiences

With the holidays fast-approaching, it was vital that we capitalize on the extreme amount of traffic we would be getting to both the site and the landing pages. In order to do so, we heavily segmented all of their retargeting and provided different incentives for people in different segments along the customer journey. Along with the incentive of a discount code, we also implemented different creatives/angles for each of those audiences and we generated over three quarters of a million dollars in revenue in just 45 days.

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